Inside The Mortuary

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Vanessa Bolano takes you inside The Mortuary Haunted House.

“It was originally built in 1872 as a private home, and then in the mid 20’s turned into an actual mortuary and had operated as a mortuary until around 2004,” says owner Jeff Borne, “There are a lot of different types of experiences for the true ghostly side of The Mortuary.”

“There’s a ghost that we call Marie that when she’s around you smell flowers, and then in the basement, in the embalming room, you smell the smell of burnt flesh quite a bit,” says Borne.

The Mortuary is a haunted house in a haunted house, and to convert it into an attraction during the Halloween season Borne says they begin planning more than a year in advance.

“We’ve already got the plans working and getting into place for our seventh year.  We build sets, we build props, we bring in props, all during the year.  In July all of that gets brought here. We put layers inside of the real walls in a lot of areas so that we protect the actual walls of the building. The animatronics and the animatronic creatures that you’ll see throughout the house are usually all air driven, and they have sound effects, and triggers so that our actors can make them happen or you just find the trip wire and trigger it yourself!”

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