Hubig’s Owner Prepares For Difficult Rebuild

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When Hubig’s Pies burned in July, people rushed to stores to buy the famous pies. Hubig’s owner vowed to rebuild.

Monday, the rebuilding effort took a big step forward when demolition of the burned building began.

“It is emotional. But it is a step in the right direction,” Hubig’s owner Drew Ramsey said as the heavy equipment worked behind him.

Ramsey says he still hopes to rebuild at the business’s history Faubourg Marigny site. But he admits construction costs could force him to move the business to another location, perhaps a building that’s already constructed and suitable for the necessary equipment.

captureHe also says opening a temporary location is much easier said than done.

Despite the uncertain future, Ramsey is salvaging everything he can from the demolition site. He’s hoping the walls of the old pie factory could be used for the new building even if they’re just used for the facade.

Ramsey also says, while investigators know what caught fire and caused the building to burn, they don’t know exactly how the fire began.