Suspects’ next door neighbor dodged bullets from fatal deputy shootout

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captureThe next door neighbor of those arrested for their alleged role in the shooting and killing of two St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s deputies says he had to dodge and low crawl his way around bullets this morning for more than a half hour as deputies and suspects traded shots.

Medford Auguste, an oil refinery worker, said he had to rely on skills he learned while in the military to avoid being hit inside his LaPlace home at the Riverview Trailer Park.

He was not injured.

Auguste said he didn’t know his neighbors well, other than through exchanging casual hellos.

But Thursday morning, he would watch them get hauled away by law enforcement in the aftermath of a double deputy killing.

Five people in total were arrested.

One of the arrestees, neighbors said, was a bloody and bandaged woman.

It is unclear if she was hit by gunfire.

Of the four men arrested after the 5AM trailer park violence, at least one appeared wounded, neighbors reported.

As of 6:26pm Thursday, nearly 14 hours after the shootout, an estimated 30 to 50 state officers and agents from the FBI, ATF and US Marshal’s Office worked behind crime tape, sectioning off the area of the trailer park where the bullets flew.

Landlord Carl Chaisson told WGNO News an unnamed trailer owner was disgruntled over losing his job at the nearby Valero refinery, and as a result, got into a dispute with a deputy near or at the facility.

The dispute escalated, Chaisson said, and shots were then fired at St. John deputies in the area of refinery’s parking lot before the shooter returned to his trailer at Riverview.

Responding St. John deputies arrived shortly thereafter, and the trailer park shootout would ensue.

Neither St. John deputies nor Louisiana State Police, the leading investigative agency, would confirm Chaisson’s claims about the motives to WGNO News.

At a 3PM news conference, neither St. John Sheriff Mike Trege nor State Police Commander Mike Edmonson would comment on the motive when asked.

Chaisson said he was given his information about what led to the shootings by State Police detectives working the crime scene and interviewing tenants and witnesses.

Deputy Brandon Nielsen, 34, and deputy Jeremy Triche, 27, were shot and killed during the trailer park shootout.

Deputies Michael Scott Boyington, 33, and Jason Triche, 30, were wounded in first shooting.

Jeremy and Jason Triche were said by the St. John’s Sheriff’s Office to be distant relatives.

Chaisson said he was instructed by State Police Detectives not to release the names of any of those arrested this morning.