Shuttle Bus Driver Discovered Mayor’s Son on Night of D.U.I. Arrest

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ben-landrieu-nopd-report-080912A Tulane shuttle bus driver, who is paid to transport students from bars and other night venues, called police when she spotted a car driven by and later identified as Ben Landrieu crashing into other vehicles, according to a New Orleans Police report.

The report states the unidentified bus driver made the call after hearing loud noises and then observing “fire sparks” coming from the wheel of a black car that hit three other vehicles in the 8100-block of Zimple St. just after 1:30 am on July 17.

According to the document, the unnamed bus driver watched the 19-year-old Landrieu crunch up against three parked vehicles in his Nissan Maxima after a night of drinking beers at The Boot, a popular bar to Tulane students.

Landrieu would be confronted by NOPD officers who said he admitted to having about four or five beers before he was driven to University Hospital to be examined despite his suggestion that he needed no medical attention.

After being cleared medically and failing a field sobriety test Landrieu submitted a breath sample resulting in a .124% Blood Alcohol Content, according to the report.

The Louisiana legal limit is .02% for underage drivers.

The report stated that during the encounter with police Landrieu smelled of a “strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage” and was “off balance, had difficulty standing still and appeared in a lethargic state.”

The report also states Landrieu told officers he did not remember where he was coming from or where he was going and didn’t remember getting into an auto accident.

The report doesn’t mention Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who was said to have been at the scene of the arrest.

In the “interview” portion of the report, arresting officers indicated the younger Landrieu consumed four or five beers at The Boot, a popular bar to Tulane students.

The Boot says Landrieu was in the bar but wasn’t served any alcohol.