Fleurty Girl Help For Hubig’s

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captureThursday night was all about deciding whether you were feeling apple, chocolate, or lemon at Fleurty Girl on Magazine Street.

The store was selling t-shirts to benefit Hubig’s Pies which was destroyed by fire last week. Post-Katrina, t-shirts have become a common way for New Orleanians to express their feelings, and Fleurty Girl is one of the most popular sources for the New Orleans themed shirts.

Among those in the crowd Thursday was Drew Ramsey, owner of Hubig’s Pies. He says the money from the Fleurty event would be given to Hubig’s employees who are now out of a job.

Ramsey also talked about the difficulties of rebuilding his pie factory in a historic neighborhood. He says there is a great deal of red tape, but he still aims to rebuild Hubig’s at its Faubourg Marigny location.

“We’re going to do our best to be right there,” Ramsey said.

When asked if there is any way the business would not be rebuilt — anywhere — Ramsey replied, after pausing for about five seconds, “No.”