N.O. Ice Cream to Announce When and Where to Buy Hubig’s Flavor

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captureLovers of Hubig’s Pies will have to also be hungry for ice cream if they want to still purchase the traditional New Orleans treat.

New Orelans Ice Cream’s Hubig’s Apple Pie flavor is still around and in stock at certain stores, for now.

A fire last week destroyed the Hubig’s bakery in the Marigny, but the demand for the flavor is said to be strong, and the ice cream company wants to prolong the buzz.

“Every month we’ll go to a store in a different part of the city, put a full shelf out of Hubig’s ice cream, let everyone know they’re there. First come, first serve. Hopefully there won’t be a stampede”, said Adrian Simpson, owner of New Orleans Ice Cream.

Simpson says he is rationing the flavor to keep it around and the Hubig’s name top of mind.

Matassa’s Market -a nearly 90-year-old French Quarter grocery store-Tuesday got its last delivery of the Hubig’s flavor.

About 1,500 pints still remain, Simpson said.

The flavor was unveiled about six weeks ago.

Announcements of when and where the remaining containers will be sold will be posted on Neworleansicecream.com or on the company’s Facebook page, said Simpson, who also contends his Hubig’s ice cream ration is all about preserving a Crescent City food institution.

“If we wanted to make a quick buck out of someone else’s misfortune, we’d sell this product in every store currently.”