Cops still seeking show footage in Jaren Lockhart murder probe

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captureClues in the Jaren Lockhart murder case could come from a show that aired on ABC two weeks ago, but the raw footage used to produce the program are what detectives say they really want but are having trouble getting.

Detectives from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office say they’re dealing with “red tape” as they try to acquire unedited interviews and footage from a July 4th airing of “Final Witness,” an ABC crime show, which featured interviews from Margaret Sanchez, one of two suspects in the June murder and dismemberment of Jaren Lockhart, the 23-year-old New Orleans exotic dancer who disappeared after a shift at the Bourbon Street strip club where she worked. Sanchez, 28, was featured on “Final Witness” as an interviewee on the 2006 murder and dismemberment of her friend Addie Hall.

Detectives say that Sanchez knew two women in the French Quarter murdered in such a similar way is a “coincidence” which “can’t be ignored.”

Hancock County chief deputy Don Bass says his sheriff’s office has tried to subpoena the video, but learned the show’s production company doesn’t legally have to turn over their material.

Bass says Hancock County’s District Attorney’s office is working to get a New York state subpoena for the footage.

“I’m very interested,” said Bass. “How many people know two people in their lives (who were) murdered, dismembered and decapitated?”

A voicemail message requesting comment from show representatives was left Wednesday night by WGNO News.

Sanchez and her boyfriend, Terry Speaks are the prime suspects in Lockhart’s killing, and remain in custody of authorities on unrelated charges.

They have not been formally charged with the murder.