Cops in Jaren Lockhart murder probe asking ABC for all Margaret Sanchez video and interviews

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captureDetectives in Hancock County say they are leaning on WGNO and ABC for key info in the Jaren Lockhart murder investigation.

It has to do with what aired Wednesday night and a suspect’s network debut.

Murder suspect Margaret Sanchez appeared in a previously recorded interview with ABC’s Final Witness, a crime show chronicling the 2006 killing and dismembering of Addie Hall, a French Quarter bartender, who was killed cut up and cooked by her boyfriend.

Detectives consider the episode part of the Jaren Lockhart murder investigation and have reached out to ABC and the show’s independent production company for all the raw video and interviews connected to the program which aired Wednesday night on WGNO.

Investigators have also asked WGNO News for a recent story filed on the Lockhart’s death.

Sanchez and her boyfriend, Terry Speaks are the prime suspects in the June murder and dismembering of the 23-year-old Lockhart.

As the two sit in jail suspected of murder–yet not formally charged with the Bourbon Street dancer’s death–Hancock County, MS investigators were interviewed about the case Thursday by WGNO News.

Sheldon Fox: Would it be safe to say that members of this department were glued to the televison Wednesday night? Commander Glenn Grannan: It would be safe to say that.

Fox: How cooperative have they been? Commander Grannan: If you wanted to talk about the weather they were very cooperative.

Fox: We’re almost a month removed from this murder and yet we still don’t have any formal charges against either of these two for this murder. Is this case becoming a cold case? Commander Grannan: No. Not at all.

Fox: Do you think at some point you’ll be able to charge Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez with murder? Commander Grannan: Absolutely. Yes, we’ll get it done.