The Fed’s strong case against ex-mayor Ray Nagin just got a lot stronger

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captureReportedly Frank Fradella, a city contractor while Nagin was mayor, has decided to plead guilty.  Fradella joins former deputy mayor Greg Meffert who also has plead guilty.

The 2 give the Feds a strong 1-2 punch in their case against Nagin. Meffert, as Nagin’s right hand man on the inside, and now Fradella, the money man on the outside.

Fradella got nearly $50 million in city contracts from Nagin while giving Meffert large sums of money and setting Nagin and his sons up in the granite countertop business. Fradella indirectly paid for many Nagin trips including an inconceivable week-long stay in Jamaica, just weeks after Katrina.

From free lawn service to free hotel rooms to free helicopter rides and more, Nagin loved getting freebies from Fradella using Meffertt as a go between.  Now both Fradella and Meffert are telling the Feds every last detail.  And that doesn’t bode well for the ex-mayor.  It’s a 1-2 punch Nagin won’t survive.