Those who oppose Tulane’s proposed stadium are just opposed to change in general

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captureAs we speak, a few hundred folks are at the Audubon Park Tea Room on Magazine Street discussing the proposed Tulane on-campus stadium.

Uptown folks are a different lot.  Like most New Orleanians, they appear opposed to change.   The Uptown folks, at least the vocal ones, have expressed their displeasure on a number of projects in and around Uptown New Orleans.

Former councilman Jay Batt literally lost his re-election campaign because he allowed Stuart Hall school to expand and allowed 80-year-old Bruno’s Bar to build across the street from their original location.  Those two acts cost Batt his council job.

The Uptown Wal-Mart was opposed by many in the neighborhood.  The Uptown crowd also was opposed to the new Audubon golf course and the golf clubhouse.   They didn’t want the Whole Foods grocery in the old bus barn on Magazine Street and they definitely don’t like the new pilates studio across the street. Walgreen’s wants to build a small location a few blocks down Magazine and that, too, is receiving lots of opposition.

So it’s no surprise those certain cooks in uptown are opposed to a new on-campus Tulane stadium, which by the way is 100% within the zoning laws of New Orleans.

The funny thing is these folks are some of the cities most affluent and educated. Why don’t they start acting that way? Change is the one thing in life that is inevitable. In New Orleans, especially in Uptown New Orleans, they’ll fight that change until the bitter end.