Sal Perricone’s online rants continue to cause problems

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captureFormer assistant U.S. Attorney Sal Perricone continues to cause problems for Jim Letten’s office, even though Perricone has been relieved of his duties.

First, Fred Heebe and the River Birch Landfill case took a hit when Heebe and his investigators revealed Perricone’s alias from  Even Garland Robinette, beneficiary of a $250,000 gift (or bribe) from Heebe, has reservations about Perricone. Wisely, Letton recused himself and his office and now the justice department will handle Heebe.

Ex-mayor Ray Nagin, apparently part of a federal investigation, has insinuated that Perricone has tainted his reputation.  And now ex-District attorney Eddie Jordan is involved.

Jordan’s client is Richard Hall, a former NOAH contractor who has been indicted on federal theft and fraud charges.  Jordan wants the case against Hall thrown out because of Perricone’s antics.

Perricone was careless. Perricone’s ego was out of control, as was his proactive approach to blogging on, but that doesn’t mean the indicted aren’t guilty.  Although this looks bad on the surface, I doubt any cases will be thrown out because of Perricone’s blogging but the simple fact we’re discussing it, isn’t a good thing.