Police look to surveillance footage for clues in strip club dancer’s death

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captureWhile detectives in two-states try to find whoever is responsible for killing and cutting up a Bourbon Street dancer, other women who perform in the Quarter are taking extra precautions.

“It can happen to me. It can happen to her,” says one dancer who didn’t want to say her name.  “It can happen to the lady right there walking. It can happen to anybody out here.”

22 year old Jaren Lockhart`s torso washed up in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on Thursday. Other body parts including her head and legs where found over the weekend.

Tide experts are trying to determine where Lockhart was killed, dismembered and thrown into the water.

Police were at Temptations Gentlemen`s Club on Bourbon street Monday where Lockhart was last seen.

Detectives are sifting through surveillance footage for clues.

Investigators in Mississippi say the surveillance shows Lockhart leaving temptations early Wednesday morning. They don’t say who she was with.

Lockhart was the mother of a three year old daughter.

“I hope that they find whoever did that,” says the dancer. “Because they were low down and dirty to take her away from her kids. Nobody should have been taken out like that.”

Those who work nights on bourbon say keeping alert can mean the difference between life and death, “Never leave with a stranger. Never. We have to walk down dark streets to get to our hotel to begin with so we walk in the middle of the street. It`s a dangerous city. ”