Better not die in Louisiana, unless you want to pay a premium for your coffin

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captureI was shocked to learn that when someone dies and wants to be buried in a coffin in Louisiana there is only one group of people you can buy that coffin from: members of the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

You see, only this group has the expertise to sell you a wooden box. This allows the funeral industry to not only have a monopoly on the sales of caskets, but also gives them the incentive to sell them at escalated prices.

Only in Louisiana. We love making things tough for the masses while a select few profit. The sad part is, the funeral directors are taking advantage of folks at their weakest time, when a loved has passed. And they feel justified doing it because it’s the law.  So sad.

Thank goodness for the monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey near Covington. They build very nice coffins and want the right to sell them in Louisiana.  They’ve gone to court to ensure their rights.

The problem with the monks? They build a very nice coffin for under $1,000! Now who can profit on that? Not the funeral directors.