It wasn’t a good day for Tulane University

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captureThe New Orleans city council voted Thursday to form an interim zoning district that would prohibit Tulane University from building their new on-campus football stadium. The $60 million stadium, scheduled for completion in time for the 2014 football season, is now on hold indefinitely.

Before yesterday’s vote, Tulane had the green light to build their stadium. Now the project is at full stop!  And the reason? Because a few dozen affluent, influential uptown homeowners simply do not want the stadium built by their homes.

More specifically, they don’t want New Orleans’ mostly black public schools coming to their neighborhood to play high school games.

Council person Susan Guidry knows this and still went forward with this ill-conceived “interim zoning district.”

Mayor Mitch Landreiu has said he’ll veto the measure. Let’s hope he does. Because in 2012, post-Katrina New Orleans, we don’t have time anymore for the needs of the few, outweighing the needs of the many.   Especially when the few are wrong.