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Greg Williams audio just part of the game? One coach says “Yes” (for the most part)

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Former Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams could be considered the most infamous assistant NFL coach to ever roam a sideline.

A hits-for-pay bounty program that turned a proud football club on its head is one reason. Audio of the suspended coach that surfaced Thursday is another.

Williams’ instructions for his defense to follow against the San Francisco 49ers–the Saints last playoff opponent–captured the attention of the sports world since the filmmaker who recorded them went public.

Yet some say such tough talk is just part of a violent game.

John Ehret High School football coach, Billy North says Williams’ recorded comments should be kept in perspective.

North, who coached NFL greats like Reggie Wayne and Kordell Stewart, says Williams’ shocking statements are sometimes the norm in a vicious sport celebrated for bone-crushing hits, especially at the pro level.

“We can look back at it and say ‘how terrible’, but it is part of the game,” North said.

But Williams talked about going after specific men and body their parts in a league dealing multiple law suits from brain damaged retired players still reeling from concussions.

“Don’t ever don’t ever, don’t ever, don’t ever coach your kids to injure somebody else. Don’t ever do that,” said North today from his school’s Marrero football field.

But, he also added, what’s shocking to some outside of football can be the part of the job for men called “coach”.

“The P.C. stuffÂ…Let that stay in Washington or Baton Rouge. There’s no ‘P.C.’ in football.”