Federal Prosecutor Used Alias to Criticize River Birch Co-Owner & Local, National Figures

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captureU.S. Attorney Jim Letten said one of his prosecutors used the name “Henry L. Mencken1951” to post comments about River Birch landfill owner Fred Heebe and others.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon Letten said “Henry L. Mencken1951” is federal prosecutor Sal Perricone.

Letten fielded questions about Perricone’s posts which are said to include President Barack Obama, Mose Jefferson and other well known figures.

Letten says Perricone has been recused from the River Birch Landfill case.

The investigation into Perricone started Monday when Heebe filed a petition in Civil District Court accusing him of being “Henry L. Mencken1951”.

Perricone is a former New Orleans Police Officer and F.B.I. special agent.

Letten says very high levels of the Department of Justice have been notified about Perricone’s behavior. He says an internal investigation is pending.

Perricone has not been disciplined.

Letten says no other members of the U.S. Attorney’s Office knew about Perricone’s posts until his confession.

LettenĀ refused to speculate on what will happen to Perricone and says all of hisĀ prosecutors know they aren’t supposed to comment on ongoing cases.