New Orleans Bounce: 10th Ward Buck Breaks Down The Beat

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Meet 10th Ward Buck. He’s known for speeding up the bounce beat and writing a book on the genre that’s become part of New Orleans. Vanessa Bolano has more.

“I do New Orleans bounce music, the fast paced, up tempo, shake your butt type music,” says 10th Ward Buck.

The 31-year-old has been on the bounce scene for 16 years. His passion for the music is so strong, he’s even come out with a book “The Definition of Bounce.”

“Bounce music is party music. Up tempo, fast paced, and what we do is take different sound effects and we may put it with an R&B song, country song, rock song, and we’ll make it our own. We may take a hand clap, a police siren, it’s all those different sound effects that make a bounce song.”

Actor and self-proclaimed bounce Lucky Johnson says, “It’s not gloomy. Whatever you’re going through you forget about it; kids are doing bad at school, my mortgage is due, I just wrecked my new car, who cares the beat is on.”

Bounce is all about the beat. Today’s tunes carry 90 to 110 beats per minute. Compare that to your typical hip hop song, it’s 50 to 60 beats per minute.

“The energy goes from your brain, to shoulders, to your chest, and to your butt, and that’s why it’s bounce. The name derived from girls shaking and dancing and bouncing their butt. I’ve been all around the world and I’ve seen nobody do it like New Orleans girls, when they shake, they shake,” exclaims Johnson.

Bounce was born in New Orleans in the 80’s. Actually 10th Ward Buck says bounce was born  in what used to the St. Thomas Housing project. He first heard the beats and saw the booty shaking as a child peeking out his back window, and from that time on it spread throughout his body like an infection.

Artists like Juvenile, and Lil Wayne caught the same cold while growing up in New Orleans, but changed their style when they made it big. 10th Ward Buck says he’s doing what he can to make bounce cross over, and as he writes in his book  “We’re going to stay fighting for the bounce movement.”

10th Ward Buck, Big Freedia, and a host of other artists want to invite you to a stage play “The Definition of Bounce: Between Ups and Downs in New Orleans” at the L.B. Landry Auditorium.

Friday, March 9th at 7PM

Saturday March 10th at 3PM & 7PM.

Doors open one hour before the show. Tickets on sale now for $15, $20 at the door. For more information call 504.913.5153 or click here.