A Nagin indictment would be welcome news

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Reaction to the indictiment ranges… from satisfaction, to skepticism.Is it officially the end for ex-mayor Ray Nagin or will it be officially the end when he actually gets indicted?  No matter, things aren’t looking good for ole C. Ray.

The former New Orleans mayor, who never said no to a meal paid for by a city credit card, is apparently the focus of a federal grand jury. A possible federal indictment is next. Obviously, even our inept ex-mayor is innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t look promising for Mr Chocolate city.

This much we know: at the very least the Feds are focusing in on 3 angles.

1- luxury travel and home lawn service provided by city venders.
2- the Nagin’s granite installation company receiving a Home Depot contract to install countertops.
3- that at least 2 firms doing business with City Hall gave equipment to Nagin’s granite company.

Apparently Nagin’s former tech director Greg Meffert is singing like a bird, as are convicted fellons Aaron Bennett and Frank Fradella. Both recieved millions in city contracts and work and apparenty paid the Nagin’s for it.

Right now, a Federal Grand Jury is deciding if Nagin was a crook or not. I’m betting an indicent is inevitable. And welcome news.