Tulane University to build $60 million football stadium

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captureMore than 30 years after demolishing its football stadium, Tulane University has announced plans to build a new one.

“Why are we doing this? The answer is a simple one,'” said Scott Cowen, president of Tulane University. “We believe it’s the right thing to do for Tulane University, Tulane football and for New Orleans.”

Cowen made the announcement Thursday afternoon in front of a crowded atrium on the campus, just a few yards from when the new stadium will be built.

After the stadium fell into disrepair, the university demolished it in 1980. Games were shifted over to the Superdome. Students and faculty had grown tired of traveling off-campus to see the games and in recent years, attendance dropped.

Construction is slated to begin in Sept 2012 and will be completed in 2014, prior to the football season. The stadium is said to cost about $60 million and will seat about 30,000.