Jefferson’s lawyer says accused should be back on the field

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Lewis Unglesby

Lewis Unglesby

Jordan Jefferson’s new attorney said LSU’S suspended quarterback should be allowed back on the football field.

Lewis Unglesby said Jefferson should be presumed innocent until he has his day in court.

Unglesby said he has signed affidavits from a number of witnesses who claim Jefferson did not throw a punch or kick anyone eleven days ago outside a Baton Rouge bar.

The criminal defense lawyer said that information is being sent to LSU Tuesday evening.

Unglesby questions why Jefferson was suspended by Head Football Coach Les Myles in the first place.

According to Unglesby Jefferson has only been charged, he has not been convicted and should presumed innocent.

Jefferson is accused of kicking a man while he was on the ground. That led to a felony battery charge. Jefferson surrendered to authorities Friday after an arrest warrant was issued.

The scuffle supposedly involved other LSU players and was captured on surveillance cameras, but you can’t make out who is doing what.

Unglesby said the penalty Jefferson is now facing for an accusation is unfair. He said Jordan’s day in court may not come until next year, by then the season would be over.

He wants LSU to be more clear on the indefinite suspension. He said right now they don’t know what’s precedent. Unglesby said if he could take this matter to court tomorrow,

he’s confident he’d win hands down. The problem though, the judicial calendar and LSU’S schedule run on different time tables.