Baton Rouge Police Release Report on Bar Fight Allegedly Involving LSU Football Players

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Jordan Jefferson – after questioning – wgno-photos-lsu-bar-fight-mug-shots-20110826-003

Jordan Jefferson leaves the Baton Rouge Police Department

A ten page incident report from the Baton Rouge Police Department details what witnesses say happened at Shady’s Bar last Friday morning. It only names two LSU football players: Jordan Jefferson and Josh Jones.

Read the Baton Rouge Police Department’s report on the fight here: BRPD Incident Report of LSU Football Players Bar Fight

The report names Andrew Lowery as a victim who spoke to police saying, “Lowery advises that while standing outside in the parking lot of the bar, he observed several suspects that he believed were LSU football players (approximately 10-15 people) pull an unknown W/M [white male] out of a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.”

The report says the men were beating him and that Lowery broke up the fight. It goes on to say that at that time “the suspects began to physically assault him.”

A 19-year-old witness also spoke to police. According to the report Victoria Long “advised that she observed the entire altercation.” The report says, “Long advises that she knows for certain that she observed Jordan Jefferson kicked Lowery in the face. Long also advises that she observed  Josh Johns as being one of the people who attcked Lowery.”

Police have removed 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson’s apartment and taken a DNA sample from him.

BRPD Sgt. Don Stone says, “I’m sorry that fans are wanting to know the outcome so they can determine the game. That is of no importance to this investigation.”