Danziger Juror speaks out

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danziger bridge 1Just three days after an historic verdict in the Danziger police shooting trial, a juror speaks out for the first time. Dwayne Farlough was juror number three, the lone black jury member who sat on the six-week trial.

Farlough said all of the jurors were nervous the first two days or so, but settled in quickly.

He said they all realized they had serious work to do, that’s why all of the jurors took a lot of notes.

“There were a number of jurors who took more notes than I did,” said Farlough. He said they knew they had to pay attention, because so many lives were affected.

According to Farlough, the jury gave the defendants every benefit of the doubt. Farlough said the government’s evidence was so overwhelming the verdict was unanimous.

Police shot six civilians on the Danziger Bridge six days after Katrina. Two people were killed.

The defense claimed the officers were returning fire and that some of the victims had guns. At trial the defense failed to produce any weapons or gun casings from the scene.

“I didn’t see anything, any evidence, that the officers were being shot at,” said Farlough.

Farlough said the jury realized the officers had a very difficult job and there was no hard feelings against the officers.

He said the challenge was difficult. Again, he said it came down to the evidence. Farlough said the most damaging evidence came from victim’s testimonies.

Susan Bartholomew was shot multiple times and lost her right arm in the hail of gunfire.

“I think that was the most compelling part,” said Farlough. “To ask her to raise her right hand and she doesn’t have right hand. Those are some of the things I will never forget.”