Ballistics Expert Links Danziger Cops’ Guns To Shootings

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danziger-bridge-2Trial continued on Wednesday for five former and current New Orleans Police officers for a shooting on the Danziger Bridge just days after Hurricane Katrina and an alleged cover-up in its aftermath.

Two people were killed and four others were seriously injured in the shooting. Louisiana State Police Crime Lab forensic scientist Patrick Lane took the stand to talk about evidence he analyzed from the scene.

Lane said 17-year old James Brisette, who was killed on the bridge, was shot by at least three officers.

Sergeants Robert Gisevius and Kenneth Bowen and officers Anthony Villavaso and Robert Faulcon fired their weapons multiple times on the Danziger Bridge, according to Lane.

He testified four casings were found that matched Faulcon’s shotgun. Faulcon is also accused of killing 40-year old Ronald Madison, who was shot seven times in the back.

Lane said that the bullets that hit James Brisette could be traced to Bowen’s AK-47 and the M4 rifle Gisevius allegedly carried.

The defense tried to challenge Lane’s credibility on cross examination, asking if he could have made a mistatke in matching the casings to the guns.

Lane answered, “In theory, that’s correct, but in reality, I’m correct.”