Tearful Witness Says He Wished He’d Been Shot On Danziger Bridge

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CaptureTestimony resumed on Tuesday in the Danziger Bridge police shooting trial, following a four-day weekend.

In the morning, jurors heard testimony from Leonard Bartholomew IV, who was 14 years old in the days following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when two people were killed and four were injured in the infamous bridge shooting for which five former and current NOPD officers are standing trial in federal court.

Bartholomew said he and his family were searching for food when officers began firing.

“I thought ‘why is this happening? Why are we being shot at? Who is doing this?’” he testified.

On the stand Bartholomew broke down, when he recounted visiting his injured family members in the hospital.

He said through tears, “I told them I was sorry. I should have been shot too. It wasn’t right, I’m walking around.”

Current Plaquemines Parish Deputy Kevin Bryan, who at the time was an NOPD officer, also testified. He described the scene inside the rental truck that responded to the Danziger Bridge incident saying, “After the truck stopped, the gunfire erupted.”

He testified that he turned to Officer Ignatius Hills at the scene of the shooting and said, “What the f*** are you doing?”

Bryan said Hills responded “I tried to shoot the little n***.”

Hills pleaded guilty for conspiracy to obstruct justices and misprision of a felony in June 2010 for his part in the Danziger incident.

Louisiana State Police Officer Michael Baron testified he remembered hearing Officer Robert Falcon fire his weapon from inside his car.

He said on the stand, “Mr. Falcon somewhere opened the door and said ‘I got him’.”

The last person to testify on Tuesday was former Bayou State Security Guard Morell Johnson who heard gun shots and went to the bridge. He says, “I was scared for my life.” Officers detained him. He remembers, “When they cut the straps off my wrists blood was coming out my skin.”

The prosecution continues presenting its case Wednesday.