Bond Revoked For Ex Model Dean Kelly

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(New Orleans Police / February 15, 2011)

A judge denied bond for ex-model Dean Kelly Wednesday in municipal court.

Kelly is in a legal mess between two court houses. In municipal court, attorneys have been examining whether Kelly violated his probation on a 2010 disturbing the peace case. And in a related hearing, whether Kelly would he flee, if his family posted bond. Judge John Shea firmly stated Kelly does pose a flight risk.

In recorded calls Kelly made from jail to his mother, he says “I ***** want to go to Mexico” and “I just want to start over”.

In another recorded call, he asks his mother to make a doctor’s appointment at Ochsner at the same time of the continued probation revocation hearing Thursday “to push the trial”.

“Not something that’s uncommon. I’ve heard that before from defendants who are facing serious time. These are rape charges that he is presently facing in criminal district court. The maximum criminal penalty for each rape charge is imprisonment is up to 40 years at hard labor and there are multiple counts that he is presently pending,” said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Paramedics who also treated Kelly when he collapsed in court Monday during the probation revocation hearing testified they believe medically, he was okay.

While this is a municipal case, the district attorney’s office is keeping a close eye on it because they don’t want Kelly leaving the area as they prepare three rape charges against him.

“It was important for us to get involved in this to prevent him from leaving the jurisdiction and so we can have an opportunity to present our case in criminal district court on more serious charges, rape charges,” Cannizzaro said.

Kelly’s wife of one month, Lauren, also testified on his behalf that she’s aware he is not allowed to leave the state of Louisiana.

Kelly is due back in municipal court Thursday.

The DA says if Kelly is released on probation, there will be a bond hearing in criminal court.