Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Statement Regarding Inmate Dean Kelly

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272614120-08141121[1]The following is a statement from The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office regarding the status of inmate Dean Kelly, DOB March 5, 1971.

“Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden, was booked March 18, 2011, on a charge of forcible rape.

The OPSO placed inmate Kelly in Protective Custody immediately following his arrival into the Intake and Processing Center. At all times while in Protective Custody, inmate Kelly had no physical contact with other inmates, prior to his hearing March 21. Further, inmate Kelly was escorted by ranking OPSO personnel whenever he left his cell, according to standard OPSO operating procedures.

Inmate Kelly remained in the custody of OPSO deputies while undergoing a medical evaluation.

Inmate Kelly was interviewed in the OPSO wardenÂ’s office, upon his return to OPSO jail facilities this morning. He denied being involved in any physical altercation with any inmate or deputy. The inmate had no visible signs of injuries that could have been caused by any alleged altercation prior to the March 21 incident in court.

Inmate Kelly remains in protective custody.

Due to patient confidentiality standards, the OPSO will not discuss the specific medical treatment of inmate Kelly or any other inmate in our custody.”