Ex-Model Dean Kelly Arrested For Third Charge of Rape

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60243585-19061012-400225[1]New Orleans police have arrested an Uptown man again for rape. This is the third charge against Dean Kelly. The 40 year old ex model and actor has been arrested for a third time since last month on a rape related charge.

The NOPD says Kelly raped a 17-year old girl at his home on St. Charles Avenue. The alleged incident happened in November of 2005. This is the second accusation from 2005.

Another woman says she was 16 back then when a similar assault happened. Another woman says she was assaulted last year at this home.

Dr. Peter Scharf is a Tulane Criminologist.

“Rape is often power. It’s manipulation, status, its expectations; it’s a lot of things,” Scharf said.

College girls Uptown say they’ve been monitoring this case. One young lady we met says be careful who you trust and never judge someone only on their outer appearance.

“Even if someone is good looking you need to make sure that you talk to them, or not necessarily talk to them but like don’t fall into it and get trapped into that because it could be very dangerous because you don’t know who that person is or what they’ve done, you just have to be careful I guess,” said student Leigha Bystol.

Tulane police had warned students about Kelly. They say he would approach young women in public areas making promises to give them tickets and access to movie sets. Now they have their guards up.

“I think, I guess it’s kind of scary ’cause I guess if an attractive guy comes up to you, you know it’s very easy to feel like comfortable or whatever but I guess you just like have to be aware, you know be smart.

Kelly was out on bond on the two prior cases. NOPD has received out of state calls from other women complaining about Kelly they are checking out.