New sex assault complaints against Dean Kelly

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(New Orleans Police / February 15, 2011)

A man accused of targeting university students could soon be charged with a second sexual assault.

Since Dean Kelly’s arrest last week, New Orleans police say they’ve received other complaints.

One student said, “I just can’t believe it.”

University students had already been warned about the man who was allegedly harassing female students.

Now they’re hearing that Dean Kelly may soon be charged with a second sexual assault.

“It’s kind of scary it happened so close to where we are,” said Tulane student Melanie Jensen.

Investigators say the first sexual assault allegedly happened in the 4000 block of Saint Charles; inside a home police confirm is owned by the 40-year old’s parents.

“When I met him, I didn’t think he was 40, he doesn’t look 40,” Jensen said.

Jensen says he met Kelly last year.

“He was telling me he worked for green lantern and I should come to his after parties,” said Jensen.

And that’s what Tulane Police had warned students about.

They say Kelly approached young women in public areas; like bars and social networking sites. His mode of operation is to make promises to give women tickets and access to movie sets.

Since that warning another possible victim has come forward.

“Investigators say the second complaint stems from an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2005,” said WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

“We are investigating all complaints at this time and taking every complaint seriously,” said New Orleans Police Detective Merrell Merricks.

Investigators are now encouraging other possible victims to come forward; something that is not always easy for victims of sexual assault.

“They have nothing to fear by coming forward some victims may be concerned to come forward they may be embarrassed,” said New Orleans Police Lieutenant Paul Noel. “They may be very concerned to speak with police about this.”

“I think they should say something because it could happen to other people,” said Tulane Student Sister Donkle.

Police believe there are other victims in New Orleans; as well as out of state.