The Jefferson Clan

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The federal trial continues for Renee Gill-Pratt, a former New Orleans City Council President, who allegedly stole federal and state funds appropriated for sham non-profits. Meanwhile, the bogus charities were run by former U.S. Congressman Bill Jefferson’s family: Mose & Betty.

While he ran things from D.C., Bill’s sister Betty was a New Orleans city assessor.  His brother Mose, a convicted felon – not to be confused with Bill’s other convicted felon brother Archie – was dating the aforementioned New Orleans city council president, Renee Gill-Pratt. Mose was also dating then Orleans Parish School Board president Ellenese Brooks-Sims.  One of Bill’s daughter’s was a state Representative in Baton Rouge.  I’m not making this up!!!

They had it all covered: D.C., Baton Rouge, the city council, the school board, even the assessors office.

The Jefferson clan secured the funds. Then steered them toward the fake non profits. Those so-called charities were originally set up to help pregnant black teens and train young black males for the work force.  Essentially poor, underprivileged black kids that needed the help the most!   Other money stolen was for black elderly folks on limited incomes.  Again, the poor and needy.

David Duke would have loved this.  Stealing money set aside for underprivileged black youths and elderly while living the life of luxury.  Screwing over blacks and profiting from it too?!?  They call that lagniappe in Duke’s zany world.  Getting your cake and eating too.

David Duke was a nightmare.  But Bill Jefferson was the real thing.  And he did what David Duke could only dream of.