Family wants Henry Glover’s skull back

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captureIt was just last week Henry Glover’s family was rejoicing over the guilty verdicts. Three former or current members of the NOPD were found responsible for killing Glover and then covering up the crime. But the family still doesn’t have closure, because they still don’t have Glover’s skull.

Danatus King, local president of the NAACP, has been in close contact with the family. King explained, “The family has been very eloquent in expressing their feeling and it’s real personal, extending that grief, that sense of loss.”

The family has reached out to Police Chief Ronal Serpas who says he’s spread the word to his officers, if you have any information, now is the time to come forward. “We will ask every person who ever made any statement to anyone in the Glover case, we’re going to find out exactly what was said by who and what’d they say, and the skull is obviously an unresolved issue for the family as well as for the investigation.”

Glover’s relatives and Danatus King think someone took the skull to further cover up the crime. King explains, “Either those three that have been convicted participated and committed that crime of obstruction of justice or there are others out there that have committed that crime.”