Organization demands state of Louisiana file charges on officers involved in Glover murder

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captureMayor Mitch Landrieu meets with the mother of Henry Glover as a community justice group demands new charges for the five current and former NOPD officers involved in his death. ABC26 News Reporter Vanessa Bolano has more.

It’s been a long journey for the Glover family. On Thursday a jury found former officer David Warren guilty of manslaughter, Officer Gregory McRae guilty of burning Henry Glover’s body, and Lt. Travis McCabe guilty of writing a false police report.

The two others charged, former Lt. Robert Italiano and Lt. Dwane Scheuermann were acquitted.

Today Henry Glover’s mother met with Mayor Mitch Landrieu who says, “It was a wonderful meeting and hopefully began part of the healing process for the city.”

Landrieu apologized to Edna Glover on behalf of the city. “It’s really important in this environment that we are in for the public to know that we are going to do it differently going forward which is why we are recreating the entire department, and the police officers are there to protect and to serve.”

Meanwhile those with ‘Community United for Change’ say justice for Glover is far from over. The group would like to see District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro pursue state charges on those five former or current NOPD officers that were in Federal Court last week.

The DA’s office asked to meet with the U.S. Attorneys office to discuss the case, but say “It is too early at this point to say if he will pursue state charges.”

W.C. Johnson with ‘Community United for Change’ also expressed disgust with how officers treat the black community in New Orleans.

Johnson says, “There is as much difference in the way whites are treated in New Orleans today as night and day.”

Johnson says the chief’s 65 point plan will not resolve problems plaguing the department. Chief Ronal Serpas has said officers who do not honor the badge or the community will be removed from the force.

The District Attorney’s office says the three men found guilty can still appeal. They will be sentenced in March.