Family of murdered toddler has message for suspects

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Clementine Williams – jeremy galmon’s grandmotherThe family of 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon is glad to hear about the arrest but it’s little consolation as they continue to grieve a tremendous loss.

Clementine Williams takes a trip down memory lane. That’s all she has of her great grandson Jeremy, only slightly relieved police made headway in the murder case of the toddler.

“Feeling kind of relieved. At least they got somebody, ’cause really to pay for what they did to my great grandbaby,” Williams said.

New Orleans police and other city leaders announced two cousins as main suspects in the murder of Galmon.

Jamiron Pollard and Bernell Pollard are charged with first degree murder.

While police are keeping tight lipped about this case they are standing firm on the first degree murder charges.

And Superintendent Ronal Serpas says these cousins have long rap sheets. He says repeat violent offenders need to be behind bars.

“In this case these two people have callously and cowardly taken the life of a two year old child,” Serpas said.

This leaves Clementine Williams barely able to function these days.

“We are hurting very, very much. I can’t sleep. I can barely eat,” Williams said, “I got this knot in my heart and it’s just not going to go away.”

She just wants to hold little Jeremy again.

“He’s always going to be here with me. I want to feel his body heat to me, like he used to do,” Williams said.

So she has a message for the Pollard cousins.

“Before y’all pulled that trigger y’all should have thought there’s too many people out here. You know what I’m sayin’? And look at the tragedy it got.” Williams said.