Family Members In Shock Over Toddler’s Death

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Friends and relatives of Jeremy Galmon are still trying to cope with his loss. Two year old Galmon was shot to death Sunday in Central City.

One by one, they stopped to drop off stuffed animals and mementos at a make-shift memorial for little Jeremy. Some are relatives, some never met the child, but they all feel strongly that this violence can’t continue.

Kenneth Valerie says, “Just a sad thing, really a sad thing in New Orleans on a beautiful day like it was yesterday and everybody having fun, but you’ve got people doing things that shouldn’t have happened.”

Detectives spent the day talking to residents , looking for leads while cops handed out Crimestoppers fliers. But it’s little consolation to Jeremy’s great-grandmother who is devastated.

Clementine Williams says, “I’m really hurt, I just don’t understand how something like this could just happen. What reason? Why? He’s a baby, if somebody is beefin, beef with them, why are you going to just take an innocent baby?”

And when cops do find the killer, this is what Williams would like to see happen.

“Find them and torture them, that’s what I want. I want them to feel my pain” Williams says.