Danziger Hearing For 2 Former New Orleans Police Officers

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danziger-bridge-2Two former members of the NOPD and one current Sergeant will appear in federal court today to be arraigned on charges stemming from the deadly Danziger Bridge Shootings after Katrina.

Robert Faulcon is accused of shooting Ronald Madison to death on the bridge with a shotgun as Madison tried to flee the city. Faulcon was just brought back to Louisiana from Texas where he was arrested a few weeks ago.

Former Sgt. Gerard Dugue and Sgt. Arthur Kaufman are both charged with helping to cover up the crime. The indictment against the men says they met in the abandoned 7th district police station with other officers to ensure their stories were consistent. Sgt. Kaufman is also accused of creating fictional witnesses and planting a gun at the scene of the shootings. If convicted, he could face up to 120 years in prison.