Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard resigns

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captureJefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard has resigned his position effective 6 p.m. Friday.

This news comes amid allegations that he is renting property in Nova Scotia to contractors who deal with the parish.

ABC26 Political Analyst Jeff Crouere spoke with Jocelyn Lockwood about what this means for Broussard:

“He’s got a lot to focus on. He’s got investigations that are going on that he needs to deal with. He’s got a lot of other problems. He needs to focus on the legal issues and sort of mitigate the political damage that he’s been facing. He’s really been hit hard by a number of scandals over the past few months.”

Q: Could this be connected the scandal involving former CAO Tim Whitmer?

“Well, sure. The whole Whitmer scandal was very bad for Broussard. People were wondering why he didn’t fire Whitmer a long time ago. And then, when they find out about the rental property, that raised questions about a whole other issue. Then, it seems like he was considering his position to be part-time. So, the more that we devled into it the more problems that were created for Aaron Broussard. This is a way for him to sort of get out of the political firestorm and deal with all the legal issues and the investigations that are now going to be coming his way. I don’t think this is going to be ending any time soon. They’ve got a lot that they’re looking into right now.”

Q: Do you see this as career ending? Could he ever continue on in a political position?

“I think this is career ending for Aaron Broussard. I think this was going to be his final election, anyway, his final term. But it is a fall from grace for a gentleman who just a few years ago was considered untouchable. And then Katrina happened, a lot of people didn’t think he was going to win re-election. He did, he surprised folks, he got re-elected, but the last few months have been probably the worst few months of his political career, and I don’t see him running for office in the future.”

Q: Do you think this mars his appointment of Jose Gonzalez as CAO in any way?

“Well, I think it certainly does raise questions about anyone associated with Aaron Broussard. Until we know the full extent of what he was involved in, until his name is cleared. And it really hasn’t been cleared yet. So, anyone that has been appointed by Broussard certainly is going to face scrutiny and questions are going to be asked. And I think the council is going to want to have as much say as possible now in the running of Jefferson Parish and they need to step up and really take a more active position, now that of course, there’s going to be a vacancy in the parish president’s office.”