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Getting on the CCC (photo from Brian Bell)

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Water spouts in Grand Isle gave one wake boarder the ride of a lifetime.

“It was definitely the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” says Robert Vegas who just opened Wake Side Cable Park just six weeks ago.

The moment water spouts formed over Grand Isle is when Vegas grabbed the camera and handed it to his girlfriend, “ We tried doing a couple of tricks to get a good shot of it.”

His video is blowing-up on-line.

Now the extreme weather could help the man’s extreme business.

A tow rope is attached to a pulley on a cable strung across two towers powered by a motor controlled by Vegas, “Ten minutes is your round. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. You could wakeboard, you can hydro slide, tube, wake skate, wake surf. Whatever you want to get pulled by really.”

And who woulda thunk? Those Grand Isle water spouts are helping, “Facebook sharing it then one person shares it with an another,” says Vegas.

Wake Side offers lessons and birthday parties. Call for reservations.

The costs is about thirty five dollars for the first ride, twenty for any ride after, depending on if you bring your own board.

The combination of heat and humidity in southeast Louisiana can create some pretty bumpy weather conditions.  For a man on Grand Isle Wednesday afternoon, it created a thrill seeking opportunity.

Robert Vegas was riding is wakeboard and had no idea he would soon be in for the ride of his life.

“We were just riding and we had seen it just get closer and closer.  And I just wanted to get a couple pictures,”

In all, Vegas says he saw and took pictures of three waterspouts.

But it’s his video, shot from his wakeboard, that’s almost certainly going to go viral.

Vegas rolled the dice and got up and close with one of the three waterspouts.

“But this was like the biggest I’ve ever seen,” Vegas told WGNO News.

A few weeks ago, Vegas opened a new wakeboarding cable park in Grand Isle called Wake Side.  He bailed from his close encounter and headed for cover Wednesday as the waterspout missed his business and came ashore.

“It messed up a few camps close by, and then it was back on the beach.  Then it disappeared.”

The national weather service confirmed the big waterspout and even categorized it as a weak tornado once it came ashore on the island.

Robert Vegas was wake boarding in in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Grand Isle, Louisiana when he spotted this waterspout.

Vegas, who owns a wake boarding business in Grand Isle (Wake Side Cable Park,, says he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say he had been kite boarding with the weather phenomenon.

A waterspout is a tornado that stays over water and never hits land.


Heavy Rain Floods Evening Commute

Afternoon and early evening showers brought high waters to parts of Jefferson Parish.

Heavy rains in a two hour span flooded streets in Kenner and Metairie.

J.P officials say pumps were working to catch up.

Near David Drive and York Street, some drivers braved the high waters while others simply found an alternate route.

Submerged benches at nearby Lafreniere Park is a good indicator “how high” water collected.

Turtles were spotted gasping for air.

Plus a chicken and her young were stranded.

WGNO camera’s rolled to catch watch a Jefferson Parish parks worker lay a plank and scoop the chickens to safety.

A Triple A driver went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue other drivers by carrying them piggy back.

The City of Kenner said it received about 5 inches of rain in a 90-minute period, with areas off Vintage Drive getting the brunt of the storm.


(Photo from Robin Daniels, via Facebook)



Rainbow over Lake Pontchartrain (photo from Wendy Tynes)

7:09 Friday morning.  TGIF


Getting on the CCC (photo from Brian Bell)

Brian Bell says it’s almost a total blackout.


Hail On My Welcome Mat (photo from Corinne Clements)

(NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE) – Strong thunderstorm moving north affecting upper Jefferson Parish…Orleans Parish…St. Charles Parish…

At 415 PM CDT…National Weather Service meteorologists detected a strong thunderstorm near New Orleans…or about over Bridge City…moving north at 10 mph.

The strong thunderstorm will affect areas in and around…New Orleans…Kenner…New Orleans Armstrong Airport and Metairie.

The primary threat from this storm is pea to dime size hail. Seek shelter in a safe home or building until this storm has passed.

This storm could produce rainfall amounts of one to two inches in a short period of time…resulting in ponding of water around low lying roadways. Remember…do not drive your vehicle into water covered roadways. The depth may be too great to allow a safe crossing.

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