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From the gridiron to the vineyard.Former Saints player, Mike McKenzie is now making his own wine.  McKenzie played as the Saints Cornerback from 2004-2009.  Since then he’s hung up his cleats for wine grapes, and it’s a serious business venture.

“My wife had the great idea of actually bringing our new product to the market.  Our new Orange Moscato,”  McKenzie said.

It’s a moscato straight from the Central Valley of California.  They bottle it in Napa Valley.

“Every fall we go and we harvest our grapes,”  he said.

From wine country to New Orleans…His Orange Moscato which touched down in June is like no other.

“It’s 100 percent orange muscat grapes.  Very rare.  A lot of times when people think of moscato wine, they think very sweet.  Our moscato has 10% alcohol.”

This athlete’s parents were in the food and hospitality industry, so wine-making is in his blood.

“My mom made a lot of wine growing up.  She had them in all kinds of containers and jugs,”  he said.

He’s come a long way from jugs.  Soon, he’ll be launching their new blinged out 2014 Orange Moscato collection.It’s wine fit for everyone, especially MVP’s.

“A lot of my teammates have had the opportunity to try and they love it.  After they win those games, they are toasting at home with a nice glass of moscato,”  McKenzie said.

Orange Moscato can be found at the Hyatt Regency, Rouse’s, World Market and many other New Orleans businesses.

McKenzie is branching out to other states.  Texas and Florida will now be offering his wine.

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Most of us are wearing our black and gold today, supporting our Saints.  The Saints take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.  Fans have been tailgating for hours, getting ready for the big game.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez spent the day with the Who Dat Nation.

Students at Isidore Newman had a football practice they won’t forget.  The Saints Gatorade Junior Training Camp  with Saints kicker Garrett Hartley on the field!

Twist reporter Jeff Womack takes us along for the fun.

It’s not every day you have a NFL pro come to run drills during school

Saints kicker Garrett Hartley also taught these kids lessons to be a pro off the field.

“It’s exercising, eating right,” Hartley said.

Garrett’s mother has been a special education for over 20 years. That’s why working with the younger fans is important to him.

“I definitely have a certain connection with coming out and working with kids,” Hartley said. “And it really hits home.”

I asked Garrett if he saw any future Saints on field today.

“You never know. This school has produced one or two pretty big names.”

Third graders Thomas, Pablo, Mitchell, and Ivy already picked their positions to play for the Saints.

“If we can just get our message out to even a couple of the kids, then our time out here is well spent!”  Hartley told me.



Tailgaters get crazy at the Dome

We met with some tailgators who are excited The Saints are back home!

The Saints 5-0 record begs the question, can we go all the way?

You can find love for the New Orleans Saints just about everywhere you look, even at a Metairie gas station.

Tim Marks is the owner of TJM’s Chevron station on the corner of Causeway and West Esplanade in Metairie.  His Saints saying sign is a must-see sight.

It currently reads:  “Flipper swims into jaws of dome!  Boom Boom! Boom Boom!”

Call it what you want.  A haiku, poem, slogan, saying or rhyme.  The message is clear that our Saints are going to beat the Miami Dolphins in tonight’s big game.

“We have this reader board and we thought what can we do to show off our team spirit.  We started coming up with sayings and they really caught on,”  Marks said.

For five years, Marks and his wife carefully brainstorm what goes on their sign every week for the games.  They change what the sign says every single week.

“After we win tonight then we will leave it up for one more day and then we’ll have to put up the new slogan by Thursday morning.”

“My wife and I sit down and we throw ideas back and forth to one another.  When we come up with it then we proofread it before we ever put it out there for everyone to see,”  he said.

He said the standard is high for what Saints rhyme gets put on their sign.

“We have to put something good because if we don’t then our customers will come on in and let us know about it,”  Marks said.

Marks and his wife have been Saints fans all their lives and this is their way of showing their support for their favorite NFL team.

“I think people in this area are more involved with this team than any other place in the nation.  I think what our sign does is show that we are behind the Saints 100 percent whether we win, lose, or draw.  We got one heck of a team,” he said.

Saints shout-out

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