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Tug boat fire in Bayou Perot near Lafitte


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Salvage and firefighting operations continueA pipeline burns after an collision with tug boat Shanon E. Setton, near Bayou Perot 30 miles south of New Orleans, March 15, 2013.

The Coast Guard is working with federal, state and local agencies in response to this incident to ensure the safety of responders and in insuring the mitigation of any harmful effects to the environment.

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The fire at Bayou Perot was still burning Wednesday night but not as big as the night before.

The fire followed an accident on the waterway Tuesday night.  A tugboat was pushing barge carrying about 2,200 barrels of oil when it hit a pipeline.

Chevron cut the line.

The Coast Guard is using containment boom as a precaution.

“Right now, even though there’s a fire, release and all are still contained in the immediate area, and that’s the way we want to keep it until it’s over,” one official who is helping to organize the response said.

All four tug boat crew members are accounted for, but the captain suffered serious burns.

LAFITTE, LA – The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating a fire on board a vessel in Lafitte.

It happened just before 7 o’clock Tuesday evening about two miles from the C & M Marina.

Authorities say a tug boat first caught fire, then the fire spread to the barge.

All four people on board have been accounted for. Two of them are being treated for burns.

The fire burned well into the night. The Coast Guard is still working to determine the cause.


Photo by WGNO viewer

A tug boat is on fire after emergency reponders believe it struck a fuel line in Bayou Perot near Lafitte Harbor.

One person was reportedly burned badly in the accident, but all members of the crew are accounted for.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts tells WGNO News that the barge is on fire, and a representative from the U.S. Coast Guard says the fire is burning out of control.

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