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Tornados and thunderstorms on April 24, 2013

tornado  in bourg la. 2013

Funnel cloud in Bourg, photo from John Cro

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tornado  in bourg la. 2013

Funnel cloud in Bourg, photo from John Cro

Kenner tornado:

Rating:                 EF-1

estimated peak wind:    90 mph

path length /statute/:  0.75 miles

path width /maximum/:   50 yards

fatalities:             0

injuries:               0


Start date:             4/24/2013

start time:             1148 am CDT

start location:         Kenner/Jefferson/la

start lat/lon:          30.044/-90.272


End date:               4/24/2913

end time:               1150 am CDT

end location:           Kenner/Jefferson/la

end_lat/lon:            30.031/-90.272


Survey_summary: a short lived tornado touched down near the intersection of west Loyola Dr and Joe yenni Blvd. It moved nearly due south along west Loyola Dr causing minor to moderate roof damage to about a dozen homes. The tornado also downed power lines…knocked over light poles…and ripped large limbs off of several large Oak trees. A few of the limbs were upwards of 18 inches in diameter. The tornado lifted shortly after crossing the intersection of west Loyola Dr and Vintage Dr. Sporadic straight line wind damage was also found in the surrounding areas.


Metairie tornado…


Rating:                 EF-0

estimated peak wind:    75 mph

path length /statute/:  2 miles

path width /maximum/:   75 yards

fatalities:             0

injuries:               0


Start date:             4/24/2013

start time:             1152 am CDT

start location:         Metairie/Jefferson/la

start lat/lon:          30.009/-90.200


End date:               4/24/2013

end time:               1156 am CDT

end location:           Metairie/Jefferson/la

end_lat/lon:            29.983/-90.178


Survey_summary: a weak tornado touched down near the intersection of Meadowdale St and Kent Ave in Metairie where it downed a large but rotting tree onto a parked car. The tornado moved southeastward causing minor roof damage to a few residences as it approached veterans Blvd. At the intersection of transcontinental Dr and veterans Blvd…it snapped several small trees and overturned a large truck. It continued to cause minor damage to trees and rooftops as it moved through the Pontchartrain Gardens subdivision. The tornado ripped a metal breezeway awning from The Crescent city Christian school before crossing the Interstate. It continued southeastward tearing large branches from trees and sporadically causing minor roof damage to homes before lifting near the intersection of north Woodlawn Ave and west Metairie Ave.


.St Gabriel tornado…


Rating:                 EF-0

estimated peak wind:    85 mph

path length /statute/:  0.33 miles

path width /maximum/:   75 yards

fatalities:             0

injuries:               0


Start date:             4/24/2013

start time:             955 am CDT

start location:         2.6 miles north of St Gabriel/Iberville/la

start lat/lon:          30.301/-91.109


End date:               4/24/2013

end time:               957 am CDT

end location:           2.6 miles north of St Gabriel/Iberville/la

end_lat/lon:            30.303/-91.103


Survey_summary: a weak tornado touched down immediately after crossing the Mississippi River near the community of Iberville just north of St Gabriel. The short lived tornado crossed over Lawrence Parkway…beehive street…and Daisy Avenue mainly causing tree damage. 5 to 10 Oak were snapped or uprooted with numerous branches snapped. One storage shed lost its roof.

Tornado quickly lifted after crossing Daisy Avenue.


Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories.


EF0…weak……65 to 85 mph

EF1…weak……86 to 110 mph

EF2…strong….111 to 135 mph

EF3…strong….136 to 165 mph

EF4…violent…166 to 200 mph

EF5…violent…>200 mph



the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS storm data.


Jazz Fest Recovering from Wednesday’s Storm

Jazz Fest Recovering from Wednesday’s Storm — Jon Huffman Reports — 04/25/13


Tornado Rips Down Transcontinental Drive in Metairie

“It kind of sounded like hell at one point, just long like coins hitting the ground, ding, ding, ding one after the other,” says Metairie resident Bradley Crochet.

Mangled street signs, downed lights, blown out windows and a toppled truck, that was the site on and around Transcontinental and Veterans in Metairie early Wednesday afternoon.

Tom Bensen was eating lunch when he says, “We just saw a wall of water and then rain blowing sideways, literally, and we just heard things shaking, and we could feel the air pressure change dramatically and we just ran.”

“It was just a big old line, what looked like a tornado to me. I mean, I don’t know what else could cause all that with the vents blown off the top of the restaurants, all the cars blowing out. I have no idea. That was just a weird, strange sound; something I’ve never heard before,” says Crochet.

Those in the area say it sounded like a freight train and looked like a tornado barreling South on Transcontinental Drive towards Veterans. That’s where high winds flung a Salvation Army box truck.

Firefighters say the driver and a passenger escaped unharmed, but were taken by EMS to be checked out. The men told firefighters it was a tornado that pushed them over.

“We were all freaked out, you know. Absolutely, we absolutely were,” says Bensen.

The National Weather Service confirms a tornado did hit the area. It ranked as an EF 0 .

People in the Broadmoor area had water and wind issues to deal with during today’s severe weather.

Wednesday’s storm forced several businesses out of business, taking away power and along with it, customers.

Power to the primary electrical grid along Airline Drive and Clearview Pkwy was out, forcing business owners to decide if they should stay open.

“No customer, no business,” says Monica Patel who runs Subway. “The cash register, credit card machine, everything runs on power.”

Workers at Allied Cash Advance say they can’t help new customers, “Without electricity we can’t use computers and fax machines. Copy machines. Too dark to use the bathroom so we can`t do that.”

Subway managed to stay afloat four hours without power selling chips and warm beverages. “I was looking for my Subway, I got beautiful Lays potato chips here,” says one patron. “The Patel family.  They`re great people. Come by and get the chips.”

The bartender at the Blue Ghost Tavern says the goal is to rescue an entire days’ worth of revenue from completely washing away, “At the Blue Ghost Tavern we still have ice so we have ice cold beers.”


WGNO News Viewers Take You Around The Storm

A big “thanks” to all the WGNO viewers who sent us photos of damage and high water during Wednesday’s storm.

We were certainly glad to know that there were no major injuries reported during the storm despite the two confirmed tornadoes.

We also encourage people — if they can do so safely — to email us pictures of any news events they see.  But remember, safety comes first!

Just send your photos to

We will continue to follow-up on the recovery of the areas hardest hit by Wednesday’s storm.

More than 32,000 Orleans and Jefferson Parish residents were left in the dark after a heavy thunderstorm blew through the metro area early this afternoon.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado caused damage in the northwest part of Kenner, along W Loyola Drive.

Send pictures and videos of storm damage to

Update from the City of Kenner at 1:50PM:

As Mayor Yenni and other staff are out assessing damages in Kenner, it has been confirmed that a wind event (unconfirmed tornado) has caused damage in northwest Kenner.  Mayor Yenni is stressing to Kenner residents who reside in the mid to northwest areas of Kenner (particularly on West Loyola and Grandlake to Woodlake subdivisions) to have someone check their home as soon as possible and mitigate any damages in preparation for further rainfall.  Power lines have been reported down throughout the city; proceed with caution and do not attempt to touch a downed/sagging power line.

“I want to assure citizens that we are on top of the situation.  The Kenner Fire Department and Community Development Department have contacted the Red Cross to assist anyone in need,” said Yenni.

A summary of reported damages in the Kenner area are listed below:

  • Reports of a number of homes with roof damage and blown out windows in the far NW quadrant of the City.  (3800 – 4400 West Loyola and Grandlake subdivision)
  • Approximately 5,000 Kenner residents without power.
  • Numerous electrical and light poles reported leaning along canal running parallel to and west of West Loyola.
  • 3500 – 3700 Loyola – construction zone, barricades and cones strewn about.
  • 3500 - 3700 East Loyola – debris in roadway including portable sheds and awning.
  • Numerous electrical poles leaning and wires down and lying in roadway and across lawns in the area of Acron and 27th Street.
  • Wind damage including downed trees and power lines reported in the Roosevelt and 21st Street areas.