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Three-year-old Desmond Brown found dead in Marrero home

Detectives are investigating the death of three-year-old Desmond Brown on the Westbank.

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CaptureAn autopsy was conducted this morning by the Jefferson Parish Corners Office on three-year-old Desmond Brown.  The cause of death has been ruled strangulation and or suffocation.

There are no new developments in the investigation at this time.   Additional details will be released as they become available.

Colonel John N. Fortunato

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

Detectives are investigating the mysterious death of a three year old boy on the Westbank as a homicide.

34 year old Lakeshia Brown told Jefferson Parish detectives  she discovered her three year old boy in a pile of laundry, then carried him to the sofa.

Brown called 911 when she realized her son wasn’t breathing.

The mother couldn’t find the key to the iron bared security door to let deputies in.

She escaped out a window while deputies forced their way inside.

Deputies found 3 year old Desmond Brown dead on the sofa and the home reeking of gasoline.

They aren’t saying if gasoline cans found outside played any role.

A silver Pontiac parked in the driveway was towed away.

Concerned neighbors say the mother typically kept  to herself but they say on times they did meet, the three year old child was always there.