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We need laws to protect dog owners from themselves

The vicious attack on the West bank by several pit bulls that left a woman in critical condition has prompted lawmakers to enact tougher dog laws.  The lawmakers are right.  We do need tougher dog laws.   Not against specific breeds of dogs, but against the dog owners themselves.

Important questions need to be asked … like why were the 4 dogs inside?   Why weren’t the dogs spayed or neutered like the law requires?   If the dogs were going to have puppies, why didn’t the owners have a breeder’s license as the law clearly states?   I can go on and on.

A very concerned Marrero councilman  wants to ban certain dog breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers.   I guess if we were back in the 70s, we would be banning German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers.  Next year we might ban Chows because they’ve got a tough bite.

Dogs – and specifically dog breeds – aren’t the problem.  It’s man that is responsible.   Existing laws need to be enforced and new, tougher dog laws should be enacted.   Just make sure those tougher laws apply to the dog owners and not to a specific dog breed.  Specific dog breeds aren’t the problem.  Mankind is.

WESTWEGO, LA – A Westbank pit bull owner mauled by her own dogs has lost an eye, ear and both arms to amputation.

A neighbor called police Wednesday upon hearing 54 year old Linda Henry inside her home being attacked by pit bulls and screaming for her life.

Hearing the commotion Henry’s sister Elaine Hamilton came running from across the street, “I didn’t want to see it. I couldn’t see it. She has a fighting chance if she comes out of this.”

Westwego Police say they heard the woman screaming inside but every time they’d try and open the door the dogs would charge, trying to attack them.

Geraldine Sims went with Henry’s family to the hospital, “I think it was mostly due to her puppies that were in there too. And then once one dog goes off, the other ones are going to join in.”

Police eventually found a way to shoot and kill the pit bulls.

“When they opened the door, they fired like four shots for three dogs,” says nephew Cardell Henry.

“They just come out of surgery and they had to remove her arms,” says Hamilton.

Family says Henry is bracing for three more surgeries.

“The skin ripped open and fell to the front of her face.  All of this was straight up skull,” Sims said, pointing to the back of her head.

A fourth pit bull in a backroom was also shot and killed.

“She’s been around those dogs since they were born,” says Sims.

Police say eight puppies found inside were taken to the animal shelter.

“Linda Henry is a survivor,” says Sims.  “All I’m asking everybody to do is pray for her. Cause she need it.”