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Jennifer-Gaubert-277×177According to court documents, charges have been dropped against taxi cab driver Hervey Farrell who was accused of taking up-skirt video of a female passenger and trying to blackmail her to prevent the video’s release.

The Passenger, 32-year-old attorney Jennifer Gaubert, is now charged with making up the story and giving false statements to investigators.

Police had arrested 38-year-old Hervey Farrell and charged him with one count of video voyeurism and extortion. All charges against Farrell have been dropped and investigators believe that Gaubert made the entire story up.

A New Orleans cab driver is in jail after being accused of filming up his passenger’s skirt.

The victim claims Hervey Farrell filmed her in April after picking her up from a restaurant.

She admits to being drunk at the time.

The victim says Farrell later contacted her attorney and demanded $1,000 to make the video go away.

Farrell is being held on a $200,000 bond.