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Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

superbowl-2013-logoThe city of New Orleans will host Super Bowl XLVII (44) on Sunday, February 3, 2013 between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. This will be the 10th Super Bowl held in New Orleans, tying the city with the Miami area for the most Super Bowls hosted.

Both the 49ers and the Ravens are undefeated in Super Bowl appearances (this the 6th Super Bowl for San Francisco and the 2nd for Baltimore).

This particular game has been nicknamed the Harbaugh Bowl, named for the head coaches of the two teams who are brothers: Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh.

The game is scheduled to begin at 5:30 New Orleans time.

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Ray Lewis will go down as one of the greatest linebackers in history, but these days he’s got a great big chip on his shoulder: he’s become a conspiracy theorist!

The retired Baltimore Ravens player thinks the blackout during the Super Bowl last year was no accident. In a recent documentary, Lewis hinted that the power outage was a ploy to help the 49ers regroup.

Sure, San Francisco made a strong comeback after the 34-minute delay, even though they still lost, but if the 49ers had won, the wild events of the game would have been debated for ages.

Suspicious Suitcase Found in Superdome Parking GarageThe NFL announced Tuesday the two cities that will host future Super Bowl games.

San Francisco will get the big game in 2016.  Houston will be the host city for the Super Bowl in 2017.

The league is still in the selection process for 2018.  New Orleans is hoping to get the game that year.

After hosting a nearly flawless Super Bowl week this past February, except for a second half power outage inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans leaders said the league was impressed with the city’s performance.

Entergy says and independent study confirms a relay device with a design defect caused the Super Bowl power outage in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

CEO Charles Rice says the company is pleased with the results of the findings that say the device acted in an unintended and unpredictable manner.

Rice says the device has been permanently removed from service.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Organizers of February’s Super Bowl insist the blackout in the 3rd quarter was just a glitch that should not cast any sort of permanent shadow over the big game and how the city handled it, but at least one national company is having some fun with the blackout.

“There are times when it’s really important to leave the lights on,” goes the radio ad for Motel 6, “When you’re hosting a championship football game that’s watched by just about everybody on the planet.”

Of course, Motel 6 is known for its “Leave the light on” slogan which provides a prime opportunity to take a swipe at the Super Bowl.

“We’ll leave the light on for you — unlike some stadiums we could mention,” the ad concludes.

The mayor’s office says it’s not concerned about the ad.

Entergy released a written statement when asked to respond to the ad.

“New Orleans did an incredible job hosting the Super Bowl and once again proved why it is the best location to host a wide variety of major events. We are sure that both the game and the week of activities leading up to it will be remembered for the warmth, hospitality and friendliness shown by locals to visitors from across the country,” the statement reads.

We also contacted workers with the Superdome and tourism industry for comment but received no response.

The recent Super Bowl/Mardi Gras combo and the 2 or 3 weeks that surrounded those big events were probably the biggest – as far as economic impact – in the history of our city and surrounding area.  The two events together exceeded $750 million of economic impact for the region.

In preparation for last month, New Orleans wisely spent hundreds of millions of dollars improving infrastructure and sprucing up our city.  From modernizing our airport, to cleaning up the appearance of our interstate, to replanting neutral grounds, we spent a lot of tax payer money on cleaning up New Orleans … and that’s great.   I’m just wondering, did anyone think about maintaining these new improvements to our city?

It’s great to clean up for a Super Bowl, Final 4, or a Pope’s visit; but the bigger question is: how do we keep it clean or maintain these improvements?

In gambling an over/under is the total points scored by both teams.  You can either bet the teams will score over or under that number.  What do you think the over/under is, as far as time is concerned, for how long it will take the train trellis over I-10 by the cemeteries to be tagged again with graffiti?   A week?  A month?

It’s great that the city “cleaned up” for theses major events, but we need to make sure we maintain out improvements.

captureGigapixel has put together a panoramic picture of the inside of the Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII.

Check it out here ( and zoom in to find people you may know!

News with a Twist

Entergy is to blame for the Super Bowl blackout

It appears there is some good news and some bad news concerning the power outage at the Superdome during Super Bowl 47.

The good news first: I don’t think the city will be penalized for the incident.  The NFL and its team owners love coming to New Orleans and that hasn’t changed, even with the power outage.  The city has set itself up for a return visit of the big game, maybe as soon as 2018.

Now for the bad news: the entity most responsible for the power outage, during arguably the most important event in the history of the city, is none other than our power company, Entergy.  They are responsible for the blackout and no one else.

Entergy says the cause of the blackout was a faulty “switchgear relay,” essentially blaming a parts manufacturer out of Chicago.  That company, S & C Electric, says the part worked as designed and it was Entergy at fault for not having the relay set properly to receive a higher electrical current.

Either way, the buck stops with Entergy.  They purchased a part that malfunctioned, as they claim, or they incorrectly had that part calibrated, as the manufacturer claims.  Faulty part or not, it is ultimately Entergy to blame.


Entergy New Orleans says the cause of Super Bowl blackout was due to an electrical relay device triggering when it should not have. The device has been removed from service.

President of Entergy New Orleans Charles Rice says,“While some further analysis remains, we believe we have identified and remedied the cause of the power outage and regret the interruption that occurred during what was a showcase event for the city and state.”

When Super Bowl XLVII was in New Orleans, the story didn’t stop on the field. Even though it wasn’t Mardi Gras, fans of the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints enjoyed the sights and sounds in the French Quarter the weekend prior to Super Bowl 47.