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Steve Gleason

On September 25, 2006, Gleason was responsible for one of the most dramatic moments in Saints history, when he blocked a punt by Atlanta Falcons kicker Michael Koenen early in the first quarter of the first game at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2011, Gleason revealed that he was battling ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Gleason Gras

Tonight marks the 3rd annual Gleason Gras and New Orleans Saints pep rally down at Champions Square.

It’s free and open to everybody, but it’s also a fundraiser for Steve Gleason who is fighting ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

WGNO’s Erin Nicole is there.


(Credit: Gonzaga Preparatory School)

Former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason traveled back home to Spokane, WA this week to be honored by his former high school.  On Tuesday, Gleason’s high school, Gonzaga Prep, honored him by retiring his jersey, number 34.

Steve Gleason graduated from Gonzega Prep 18 years ago, leaving his mark on the football and baseball fields.  He’s been battling ALS for 3 years.  It’s taken his ability to walk and talk but not his ability to give.

Gleason says, “ALS as a disease is underfunded and largely ignored.  As a result, most ALS patients are forced to fade quietly and pass.  That is not OK and Team Gleason is working to change that.”

Gleason donated $93,000 in donations to organizations in Spokane helping with ALS and a scholarship at his high school, in his name.

Good Morning America’s Josh Elliott did a great story on Steve Gleason, and his battle with ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease). Josh shared with the nation something we all know: Steve Gleason is not one to raise the white flag.

Click here to watch the version that ran on Good Morning America.

CaptureThe New Orleans Saints announced via Twitter that former safety Steve Gleason will announce the team’s 3rd round draft pick at the 2013 NFL Draft.

The draft is scheduled for Thursday, April 25 (1st round) and Friday, April 26 (2nd and 3rd rounds) and will be televised live on the NFL Network.

Click here to view the round-by-round draft order.


Gleason Hasn’t Lost Sense of Humor in Struggle

Wednesday afternoon Steve Gleason and former teammate Scott Fujita were on hand as Chase donated $350,000 to help fund Gleason’s house for ALS and MS patients.

When Gleason spoke the room quickly hushed.

Gleason now communicates through a computer that generates his voice.

He spells his words by making eye contact with keys on his computer.

The Team Gleason House will open later this month.

“Never have I been more proud to call this my home than now.  As you know I was diagnosed with ALS two years ago.  A terminal diagnosis can really mess with your head.  Honestly it makes you want to run away to the moon.” said Gleason.

Throughout his struggles Gleason has maintained an uncanny sense of humor.

He joked that some reporters looked like they had partied a little too much at Tuesday night’s media Super Bowl party.

He was asked what was the most humbling experience in his fight with ALS.

His response was a classic.

“To be honest having someone else wash my balls.”

Fujita responded, “Like I said, I don’t want to put words in his mouth.”.

Former Saints Steve Gleason rides 150mph for ALS awareness.


MDA Honors Steve Gleason

A former New Orleans Saints player is being honored for making a difference in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy.

The first annual Muscle Team fundraiser was held Wednesday night at Harrah’s Hotel, in the Vieux Carre Ballroom.

Steve Gleason was named this year’s MDA Champion of Spirit Honoree.

His wife Michel accepted the award on his behalf.

The former New Orleans Saints player was diagnosed last year with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Since then he and his wife have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help raise awareness.

“They’re traveling all over the U.S. they’re doing events, they’re raising money. They’re raising awareness, telling people how ALS is a difficult disease to deal with but you can live with it,” said New Orleans MDA Executive Director April Catarella.

Several MDA Ambassadors attended the fundraiser, and were paired with local celebrities like Saints punter Thomas Morstead.

Autographed sports memorabilia were part of a silent auction.

Funds raised will help pay for research and treatment, as well as the annual MDA summer camp.