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One more coach at Destrehan high school stands accused in a cyber-spying scandal.

A fifth football coach is charged and suspended in connection with spying on South Lafourche’s game plan by hacking in to a secured website.

This brings the total to ‘five’ Destrehan football coaches and one coach`s girlfriend now charged with offenses against intellectual property.

Destrehan had to forfeit their last game.

Lafourche sheriff`s office, says this latest arrest essentially ends the investigation.

The penalty could include a $500 fine and or up to six months in jail.

Five Destrehan football coaches have been suspended, one for the season for their alleged role in an internet spying scheme.

LHSAA executive director Kenny Henderson said Destrehan admitted that coaches viewed South Lafourche practices on the internet site, HUDL. The site is password protected.

Assistant coach Ryan Fournier was banned for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. Four other assistant coaches were given 2 game bans. And, when they return, Henderson said they will not be allowed on the sideline. They will perform their duties from the press box.

Destrehan forfeited its 49-24 win last Friday at South Lafourche. Monday, South Lafourche called the LHSAA to lodge a formal complaint.

The LHSAA sent two assistant commissioners to investigate. Henderson said an investigation wasn’t needed when all involved admitted to their roles in the scheme.

Four coaches, Fournier, Daniel Luquet, Wayne Sentilles, and Greg Boyne were issued a criminal summons by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s office. All four, and Fournier’s girlfriend, Emily Guidry were charged with offenses against intellectual property.

Assistant Lance Ledet, who also received a two game ban, has not been criminally charged.

The Lafouche Parish Sheriff’s office said the investigation continues.

(from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office) – Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre reported that a Destrehan High School assistant football coach and his girlfriend have been charged after admitting they obtained access to a website without authorization and obtained information sensitive to the South Lafourche High School football program. Ryan Fournier (W/M, D.O.B. 12/12/83) and Emily Guidry (W/F, D.O.B. 05/14/84), both of 153 James Street in Larose, were charged on Wednesday, October 30 following an interview with detectives.

Detectives began investigating after officials with the Lafourche Parish Public School Board informed the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office of the allegations that members of the Destrehan coaching staff accessed video of South Lafourche football practice through a website called, without authorization. The website is used by some teams, including South Lafourche, to store information online such as team playbooks, practice film and schemes.

Through investigation, detectives learned Fournier and Guidry had obtained login credentials to access the information on the website from a South Lafourche student, who is also a former football player. Detectives brought Fournier and Guidry in for questioning on the matter on Wednesday, and during questioning, they both admitted to their roles in the incident. Fournier also admitted to utilizing the information he had obtained during Destrehan’s 49-24 win over South Lafourche High School on Friday, October 25.

Fournier and Guidry were both charged with Offenses against Intellectual Property (R.S. 14:73.2), and each was issued a criminal summons. Penalties for the first offense of this crime include a fine of not more than $500.00 or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.

Detectives say the investigation into this matter is continuing.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association announced today via their Twitter feed that Destrehan High School must forfeit their win over South Lafourche after Destrehan coaches were accused of viewing South Lafourche practices via an internet video service.

All Destrehan assistant coaches will be suspended two games; one assistant coach, Ryan Fournier, is suspended for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

Coaches Lance Ledet, Daniel Luquet, Wayne Sentilles and offensive coordinator Greg Boyne are suspended for the rest of the season; they can resume coaching duties during the playoffs, but they must remain in the press box during games.

Destrehan HS is on a one-year probation because of the incident, the coaches will have to attend classes and the school will have to pay a fine.

“Destrehan High School respects and accepts the decision placed upon its football program by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. These actions by certain assistant coaches are not condoned or reflective of the school and its athletic program. Poor judgment was used on the part of those involved and unfortunately, the student-athletes are impacted most by this situation.

Steps have been taken by the school system to comply with the ruling of the LHSAA.

The Destrehan High School football program has a tradition of running an ethical program of high character and sportsmanship. We remain committed to this tradition.”

-Stephen Weber, Destrehan Principal

“I am disappointed that this happened and I respect the LHSAA’s decision. My concern is about our kids in this unfortunate situation. My focus is to address the needs of our players and move on from this. “

-Destrehan Head Coach Stephen Robicheaux

LHSAA – Destrehan Ruling

South Lafourche high school and the Lafourche Parish School Board are accusing unnamed coaches at Destrehan of spying on the team’s practices via the internet. The school and the school board are asking the LHSAA to order Destrehan to forfeit last Friday night’s 49-24 win at South Lafourche and to discipline coaches involved.

In a statement, the Lafourche Parish School Board said Destrehan coaches viewed South Lafourche practices via the internet service HUDL.

HUDL is a password protected site that allows teams to view their practices and game videos.

Louisiana High School Athletic Association executive director Kenny Henderson said he was aware of the allegations Monday. Henderson said the same day, he sent two assistant commissioners to question Destrehan coaches.

Henderson said because the high school regular season is in week nine,  an expedited ruling is desirable. He said he may rule as early as Wednesday.

The Lafourche Parish school board said “it is the understanding of South Lafourche high school that several of the Destrehan coaches admitted to accessing the account.”

South Lafourche head coach Dennis Skains and Destrehan head coach Stephen Robicheaux could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.