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Sidney Torres: from St. Bernard to the Bahamas

CaptureSidney D. Torres IV is rehabbing a resort in the Bahamas, set to open in March 2013.

Get more information on The Cove, Eleuthera Bahamas by calling 1-888-776-3901 or visit their website:

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Think you`ll find Sidney Torres sitting behind a desk? No way.

“I like to kinda feel the land and see what belongs in certain areas and create around what I feel is right instead of getting someone to lay out a plan and say this goes here,” Sidney explains to WGNO’s Susan Roesgen. “My feeling has always been feel it from inside, in your gut, and then work through that and when you’re finished, you’ll end up with what you really want instead of having someone else do it for you.”

What he wants is just this side of paradise, a luxury resort in the Bahamas!

“Beautiful kitchen with the outdoor-indoor dining area,” says Jennifer Savoi, Sidney’s fiancée, as she gives a tour of the still-under-construction resort. “We have GE Monogram appliances that are going in here, very high end appliances.”

Sidney is the general contractor, but Jennifer, who is from Mandeville, has sort of become the interior decorator.

“I think we just learned each other,” Savoi says. “We just learned to work well together.”

They know what they like, and what they don’t like: no jet skis, no parasailing, no late night limbo parties. Just sun, sand, and sea.

So what do you get when you add simplicity to luxury? Check it out:

All the rooms are designed for complete comfort with an attention to detail – every detail – inside and out.

Even the grass is new!  Sidney wants your toes to have a nice trip right down to the sand.

When we were there, Sidney was still rolling out the green carpet: 500 pallets of Cashmere zoysia. But when the sun goes down, the candles come out and so does the food served in an elegant open-air restaurant.

It’s sensory overload, but what a way to go.

If you come to The Cove, your chair in the sand will be waiting, and so will a man who says his heart is in two places at once.

“New Orleans will always be my home, but this is my second home,” Sidney says. “For 20 years I’ve really enjoyed coming here and I’ve really enjoyed being in the Bahamas. It’s very comfortable here and the people are great. It reminds me a lot of New Orleans. I just like not having the city life. It’s kind of nice to be here in the jungle and be able to have the water and the fishing. It’s a great beautiful country.”

It’s a long way from St. Bernard Parish to the Bahamas, but Sidney Torres is making that trip and he wants you to join him! Most of us remember him as the Garbage King who cleaned up the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina, and he did it in style! Now Sidney Torres has a new venture in the Bahamas – on the island of Eleuthera – and he’s doing this in style too!

They look like rock stars: Sidney Torres and his fiancée Jennifer Savoie. And when you fly on Sidney’s private plane, you feel like a rock star too!

We’re heading to the Bahamas, to the island of Eluethera. It’s an almost uninhabited island with the grey waters of the Atlantic on one side and the blue-green Caribbean on the other.

“When Armstrong got to the moon he said there’s two places that he could see: the Great Wall of China and the water of the Bahamas,” Torres told WGNO’s Susan Roesgen. “I really understand why he said that and you’ll be able to see the same thing. It’s just absolutely gorgeous. You can see straight down to the bottom.”

When you land on Eluethera , you can take a jeep to where we’re going, but better yet, a sea plane will take you right on to the beach.

But before we land, let’s back up a second.

The last time most of us saw Sidney Torres he was cleaning up the French Quarter, but then he sold the company, SDT Waste & Debris, and started looking for something new to do.

What he found in the Bahamas is a long way from his family’s roots in St. Bernard Parish.

When we said we’d like to see Sidney’s latest project he took care of everything … with more than we could have imagined.

A rum punch in a coconut, chopped from a tree that morning; fresh conch, pulled right out of the shell; and a band doing what they call a junkanoo. It’s like a Second Line, sashaying on the sand.

The resort is called The Cove. Built in the 1960s, it was past its prime when Sidney bought it last year. Nearly every day since then he’s been rebuilding it to match his vision.

“I’ve enjoyed this last year,” Sydney says. “Being here, creating this beautiful piece of property, making it special and getting ready to offer it to the rest of the world.”

What the world will find here is a gentle breeze and irresistibly warm water. The Cove will open March 1st, with eventually 120 rooms ranging in price from less than $200 per night to $6000.

So what do you get for 6 grand a night? Well, it still isn’t quite finished, but here’s Sydney’s idea: “This was all jungle. We just came back here with a machete. I went back and laid out the first space and went further back and created the kitchen and put the pool in.”

That’s right: a private pool in your own private three bedroom villa! It comes with a private butler, too.

“Whenever I get into something I have to do something I’m passionate about, that I love, and that I really care about and this is a place I care about.”