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Shooting at Mother’s Day second line

CaptureShots were fired at a Mother’s Day second line on Sunday, May 12, 2013 near the intersection of North Villere and Frenchmen Streets.

New Orleans Police say 19 people were wounded: 10 men, 7 women, a 10-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl. Most of the wounds were not considered life threatening, although two of the victims required surgery.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the shooting spree:

akein scott

Akein Scott (photo provided by the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

shawn scott

Shawn Scott is charged with 20 counts of attempted second degree murder (photo from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office).


Nekia Youngblood

Nekia Youngblood, charged with harboring a fugitive (photo from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

justin alexander

Justin Alexander, charged with harboring (photo from Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Brandy George

Brandy George, charged with harboring a fugitive (photo from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Bionca Hickerson

Bionca Hickerson, charged with harboring a fugitive (photo from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)


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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The Mother’s Day shooting last May that injured 20 people was sparked by a drug conspiracy with members of the Frenchmen and Derbigny gangs, according to recently unsealed documents.

The superseding indictment handed down February 27, accuses nine gang members, including brothers Shawn and Akein Scott, with violating federal drug and firearm laws. Also the indictment specifically alleges that the brothers discharged guns into a Mother’s Day second-line parade to furtherance of drug trafficking.

Read the indictment HERE.

Those nine are:

  • Travis Scott, 29, (aka Trap, or Slim)
  • Stanley Scott, 22, (aka Stizzle)
  • Shawn Scott, 25, (aka Shizzle)
  • Akein Scott, 20, (aka Keemy)
  • Jeremiah Jackson, 23, (aka Rocky)
  • Gralen Benson, 26, (aka Dooley)
  • Brian Benson, 24, (aka Dub or Dubba)
  • Crystal Scott, 32, (aka Chris)
  • Richmond Smith, 25, (aka Ace)

The Scotts are all brothers, and federal authorities say Travis is the head of the gang.

An Orleans Parish grand jury indicted Akein and Shawn Scott last July.  The pair each face 20 counts of attempted murder and 14 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

“Following one of the most despicable shootings in our city’s recent history, our federal, state and local law enforcement partners collaborated in an unprecedented fashion to identify the allegedly responsible individuals,” U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite said in a statement.


Accused Mother’s Day shooters and accomplices in court

Two brothers accused in the Mother’s Day shootings were in court Thursday morning, along with four of the five alleged accomplices who police say helped the brothers hide afterwards.

WGNO’s Jon Huffman reports that six of the seven total defendants were in court for the hearing:

Akein and Shawn Scott were in court because they had no choice. They’ve been in jail since they were arrested and appeared in court in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs.

Defendant Justin Alexander, who is charged as an accomplice in the shooting for allegedly helping to hide the Scott brothers, is free on bond and failed to appear in court.

Judge Robin Pittman ordered an arrest warrant for Alexander and his bond is now revoked.

Meanwhile, one the attorneys for the Scott brothers requested that Judge Pittman impose a gag order, meaning none of the attorneys involved would be able to discuss the case with the public. Judge Pittman said she would consider the request.

No trial dates have been set.

Check out this amazing photo! You’re looking at second line street legend Oliver Hunter who’s known as “Squirk.”

Photographer Eric Waters caught Squirk in action, leaping into the air with his hat flying off his head. The photo is featured in the current issue of Offbeat.

This definitely showcases the city’s second line culture at its best.

Click here to read more and see the photo on Offbeat’s website.


Mother’s Day Second Line Parade Redo

It’s been three weeks since gunfire in the 7th Ward tainted a Mother’s Day Second Line. Tonight residents are breathing a sigh of relief as yesterday’s re-do went off without a glitch. WGNO’s Chief Photographer Patrick Thomas captured the sights and sounds.

New Video and Eye Witness Accounts from the Mother’s Day Second Line Shootings Hundreds of people who enjoy the second line tradition are gearing up for Saturday’s Mother’s Day do-over parade; and they’re not alone.

Darian Trotter tells us what police are planning to keep crowds safe.

Rapid gunfire at the Mother’s Day second-line parade is what turned an annual tradition into a tragedy.

20-people were injured when police say 19-year old Akein Scott, and brother Shawn Scott, 24, fired shots into the crowd from opposite sides of the street.

The parade that had just started, only to be cut short by the shooting, has been rescheduled for Saturday June 1st.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Any fear of the same thing happening? Nah, nah, nah,” Willie Hall replied. “You can’t let people put you in fear.” “You have to live your life.” “This is our culture,”  Hall said.

It’s a culture the New Orleans Police Department plans to protect with heavy police presence.

Extra officers will be embedded in the crowd; on the lookout for shady characters.

“People who just don’t fit in with the crowd, suspicious people may be standing around the looking like they may cause trouble,” New Orleans Police Commander Christopher Goodly said. “We will be prepared for that.”

It’s comforting news for Tynia Allen and her 11-year old son Ka’nard.

He was grazed by a bullet at the Mother’s Day second line, and he’s still traumatized.

“But I’m not going to stop going to second-lines,” Tynia Allen said “Me or my child.” “Cuz like I said before no mother should have to fear for their child going to a second-line.”

“We can’t let nothing kill our culture,” Willie Hall said.

Hall is one of the shooting victims.

Even though he took a bullet to his ankle, he plans to attend the do-over parade.

Trotter asked, “What will be going through your mind as you travel the same route, and stand and cross the same intersection? I’m just hoping the band is bumping so I can be jumping.”

Commander Goodly says the do-over parade is needed to help the community heal.

“This is our culture and we’re going to continue to make sure that culture stays alive,” Goodly said. “We’re not going to let one criminal element from one major incident bring that down.”

The do-over parade begins at 1p.m. at 1825 Elysian Fields Avenue.

Organizers are expecting a larger than usual crowd, as the community takes a stand against crime and violent individuals.

A Ka’Nard Allen Benefit Account has been set up at Whitney Bank. You can make donations at any branch location; or you can send a donation by mail to:

Tynia Allen, 2238 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans, LA  70113

On Saturday, June 1Shootings at Mother’s Day second line in 7th Ward, the Original Big 7 Social Aid and Pleasure Club will hold another parade, to replace its Mother’s Day Second Line that was tragically cut short by gunfire.

The parade will roll from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., starting on Elysian Fields Avenue and ending at Senate Street.

If you would like to make a donation, or want more information about the parade,visit this link.

One of the victims shot during a second-line parade on Mother’s Day sent a message to the Criminal Justice Committee meeting of the New Orleans City Council Wednesday afternoon.

Deborah Cotton asked a friend to read the statement.

“What I am reading is a statement from Deb Cotton,” Linda Usdin told the committee members before she began reading the prepared remarks from a podium in the chamber’s audience section.

The statement came as the committee began reviewing the NOLA For Life program announced a year ago by Mayor Mitch Landrieu as a comprehensive plan to fight violent crime in the city.  NOLA For Life includes a long list of ideas aimed at everything from jobs to gangs and midnight basketball.

Usdin told WGNO News that cotton has a long recovery ahead from her bullet wounds but she is able to speak.  In the prepared statement, Cotton also commented that her attackers should not be, “Thrown to the wolves.”

“They have been separated from us through so much trama.  Now where do we go?” Usdin read from Cotton’s prepared statement.

Some council members are also wondering what’s next, at least regarding the mayor’s crime fighting plan.  Stacy Head expressed her support for many of the NOLA For Life measures but also some concern about the need, effectiveness, and even funding of others.

“Get some answers on the real numbers as to what we’re spending the dollars on, who’s getting the money, and why,” Head told WGNO News.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas was among the officials answering questions about the mayor’s plan.  Both the council and people associated with NOLA For Life plan to meet again with more specifics on funding and results.

Head told WGNO News that deciding success could be based on the amount of time program participants hold down a job or go without being arrested.

Serpas has his own way of judging the program’s success.

“God willing, these young men who have been killing each other for 30 years, generation after generation after generation, will see the opportunity for a path way out,” he told WGNO News after leaving the meeting.

In her statement, Cotton told the council that young people who are at risk of becoming violent crime offenders or victims need to be made aware of any NOLA For Life programs that are proving to be successful, but the criteria for success must be established as part of any plan.

“It is absolutely critical that the entire city know the criteria used for funding and measuring success,” Usdin read for Cotton’s statement.

In the wake of last week’s Mother’s Day shootings, a fundraising effort is underway to help pay for crime cameras in the 7th ward neighborhood where the shootings happened.

“I was cleaning my house; maybe 20 minutes later that’s when the commotion started,” homeowner Doris Loza said.

Doris Loza says the Mother’s Day celebration in her 7th ward neighborhood was just starting, when the fun was cut short by rapid gunfire, and injuries to match.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Loza said. “We are human beings.” “I don’t know why we treat each other that way.” “They look like some people come from a different planet to tell you the truth the way those people are.”

It was a private security camera that helped lead police to two suspects now charged with the crime.

Now Project NOLA is working to build a network of high-definition cameras near the shooting scene; to not only solve more crimes, but also prevent them from happening.

“Hopefully get the crime to go down,” said Project NOLA Director Bryan Lagarde.

Under Project NOLA’s corporate match program the out of pocket cost to residents is normally around $3-hundred dollars.

But people in this 7th ward neighborhood who’ve expressed interest in getting cameras say the cost is still too much.

That’s why Project NOLA is asking the public to support its fundraising campaign.

“For 45-hundred dollars we’ll be able to do ten high-definition cameras in the area,” Lagarde said. “So that’s what we’re shooting for.”

“I think it’s a great idea; it’s probably been overdue,” homeowner Anita Mouton said.

If the campaign is successful, the out of pocket cost to residents will drop to a one-time fee of   about $100-hundred dollars.

“I think most in our area if you say we need $100 dollars for you if you can stretch out your budget to put a camera i think most of us will go for it at least i will go for it for $100 dollars,” Loza said. “But $300 is a lot.”

So far, the campaign has raised 7-hundred dollars.

If you would like to help put cameras near Frenchman and N. Villere, simply contact Project NOLA (504) 298-9117 or follow


Benefit For Victims of the Mother’s Day Shooting

Alleged Mother’s Day Shooters Tied To Frenchmen & Derbigny Boys Gangs“THE 19 FUND” is holding a benefit at Tipitina’s Thursday, May 23 for the victims of the Mother’s Day shooting.

Gambit’s Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Tipitina’s Foundation, United Way of Southeast Louisiana and Silence Is Violence have joined forces to host a special benefit concert for the 19 victims of the May 12 shooting.

The concert will be next Thursday (May 23) at Tipitina’s, 501 Napoleon Ave., and will feature local brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians, and other musicians and entertainers.

Doors open at 7 p.m.

Tickets to the benefit are $40 in advance and are available online via Ticketweb.

The benefit concert has drawn support from several notable entertainers. Fats Domino, actor Wendell Pierce of HBO’s “Tremé”, and Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr. have volunteered to serve as honorary co-chairs of the benefit. Harrison also will perform with his band, The Congo Square Nation, in full Mardi Gras Indian dress. Other performers include The Hot 8 Brass Band, The Stooges Brass Band and Bonerama. Tipitina’s Foundation is lining up additional performers, who will be announced in the coming days.

All proceeds of the benefit — 100 percent of ticket and drink sales — will go to The 19 Fund to assist victims.