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San Fermin in Nueva Orleans: NOLA’s Running of the Bulls

CaptureThis festival, which began in 2007, mimics the encierro festival in Pamplona, Spain and features roller derby participants (the bulls) chasing after runners on the streets of New Orleans.

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The Running of the Bulls is a little different in New Orleans. Instead of Bulls we have roller derby girls. The local Big Easy Roller Girls were joined by other teams from around the country trying there best to hit as many runners as possible.  We put a helmet cam on Slaughter from the Big Easy and let her ride.

The New Orleans version of this Spanish tradition features several roller derby teams from around the southeast U.S. (the bulls) chasing anyone who wants to run!

Note: this video contains some languange that’s not suitable for children.


2013 NOLA Running of the Bulls

Get a “bull’s eye” view of the 7th annual San Fermin in Nueva Orleans festival!

Slaughter, one of the Big Easy Rollergirls, strapped our camera to her helmet Saturday as she wielded a bat and chased after runners dressed in white and red.

The running of the bulls started at 8 Saturday morning, mimicking the start time of the real event in Pamplona, Spain.