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Our never-ending Obama nightmare

It has been a long five years, our Obama nightmare. Sadly, there are no signs that things will improve anytime soon. Of course we know about the damage the President has done to our economy, by massively increasing the debt, raising taxes and growing government. The results have been catastrophic to say the least: a national debt of $17 trillion and a labor force participation rate at the lowest level since 1978. Last month, an amazing 300,000 people left the workforce altogether, joining the 90 million Americans who have checked out of our economy. Inevitably, there will be more increases in food stamp usage and other forms of government assistance, as more Americans will be unable to provide for their needs on their own.

Along with the tragic economic consequences of Obama’s policies, Americans are now witnessing the dangerous effects of a left wing, inexperienced community organizer serving as Commander in Chief.

In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, an ally of America, was abandoned by President Obama, even though he kept the peace for 30 years. The result of our abandonment was that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, assumed power and shredded the country’s constitution. The Egyptian military with the support of millions of Egyptians have reasserted power, but no thanks to the Obama administration, who remained on the sidelines.

In 2011, the President ordered the U.S. to support a NATO military mission to topple the dictator Gaddafi. The result is that the country is in utter chaos, ruled by tribes and lawlessness. Americans were horrified when our consulate was attacked in Benghazi by terrorists. After lying to the American people for weeks, the Obama administration finally admitted it was a terrorist attack. Incredibly, after one year, there have been no arrests and no justice for the families of the four brave victims. Witnesses to the attack have been prevented from testifying to Congress about the events of that fateful night. It is obvious that the administration is engaged in a rather unseemly cover-up of what really happened on September 11, 2012.

In Syria, the actions of the President and his team have bordered on total incompetence. Almost every wrong step has been made. Today, we are left with a situation where the U.S. has limited influence, while the power of our adversary Russia has increased tremendously.

More and more Americans are realizing that this President is not qualified to lead the nation. His poll numbers have been dropping rather dramatically. A new Fox News poll has the President’s approval rating at only 40%, the lowest of his presidency. Other poll results are equally abysmal. According to CNN, only 40% approve of his handling of foreign policy, another all-time low. Even worse, only 29% in the CNN poll approve of his handling of the Syrian crisis.

On the issue of Syria, Obama has been clearly out maneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made his case directly to the American people this week with a stunning editorial in the New York Times.

Putin is obviously feeling very confident as Obama’s Syrian policy has been both unpopular and ever changing. After promising to launch an “unbelievably small” attack on Syria, Obama is now backtracking and giving peace a chance, while retaining the right to strike at a later time. He is left with few options but to accept Putin’s leadership on the issue.

The Russians are now in the forefront, taking advantage of Secretary of State John Kerry’s misstep and leading an effort to remove the chemical weapons from Syria. In all of this confusion, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is now feeling more confident and demanding that the U.S. stop arming the rebels before he relinquishes his chemical weapons.

The international community wants to avoid a U.S. attack on Syria. In this country, the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to a military strike, and Congress is very reluctant to give the President such authorization. Obama might become the first President in U.S. history to be denied the right to use military force.

The President’s policy is a total disaster. The civil war rages on, the Russians are in control and the dictator is still in power. Our “moderate” rebels have been exposed as cannibals, barbarians and terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

To push his policy of a limited military strike, the President conducted six interviews on the network news programs, but it was no avail. He gave a prime time address to the American people to no avail. Americans are no longer listening to his propaganda, he is being ignored. In the meantime, Putin made more of an impact with his editorial.

It is a sad day in this country when the former leader of the KGB is more persuasive than our own President.

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New Orleans runs red with blood

Last night was another summer evening filled with violence on the streets of the nation’s Murder Capital. This time, the victim was a precious 13-month old girl, Londyn Samuels, killed by two thugs in the violent Central City area. The child’s babysitter was also shot in the back and is in critical condition in a local hospital.

In New Orleans, it is typical for people to be routinely killed in the city’s dangerous neighborhoods. What is unusual about some of the recent tragedies is that the victims are very young, like Londyn Samuels, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the Big Easy, while the good times roll for millions of tourists, the tragedies occur all too often for the city’s poor residents. The tourists are mostly contained in the relatively safe confines of the French Quarter, but in other areas, crime is rampant.

Residents of Central City are demanding more police presence, but there are just not enough police to provide adequate manpower. The force is being depleted by a rapid attrition rate that is decimating an already understaffed force.

Today, there are approximately 1,200 officers in the NOPD, more than 500 less than the department’s peak strength of 1,700 policemen. With fewer officers, the criminals are having a field day on the violent streets of New Orleans.

When police are able to apprehend a criminal, chances are good that the thugs will soon be back on the streets of New Orleans. The revolving door criminal justice system is a major reason why New Orleans is the Murder Capital of the nation.

What can the good law abiding people of New Orleans do to combat this problem? If they decide to stay in New Orleans, residents need to learn how to defend themselves from potential attack. The average police response time to a 911 call is 16 minutes. In that amount of time, an entire family can be killed and the murderer can make a clean getaway.  Therefore, it is time for law abiding citizens to take action and use some effective tools like interior and exterior lighting, pepper spray and firearms to enhance their security. Sadly, if citizens continue to depend solely on the police, they may wind up dead.

Along with the FBI ranking as the Murder Capital of the nation, Business Insider ranks New Orleans as the 5th most dangerous city in the country. According to the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, New Orleans is the 17th most dangerous city in the world, and the first U.S. city to appear on a list littered with drug cartel controlled cities in Central and South America.

If corrective action is not taken soon, New Orleans may join another ignoble list, cities in bankruptcy. All of the progress that New Orleans has enjoyed in tourism, healthcare and other industries may evaporate if crime continues to plague the Crescent City.

People need to feel safe to live, conduct business and visit New Orleans. Our entire economy is threatened by this problem. To deal with this crisis, the National Guard should be deployed immediately to assist the decimated NOPD in patrolling the dangerous streets of New Orleans.

New Orleans politicians need to make improving the criminal justice system their number one priority. It will be hard for Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his team to ask the voters of New Orleans next February for another term in office if the murder problem is not aggressively addressed. Of all the Mayor’s duties, there is no more important job than providing for the public’s safety. Clearly, no one is succeeding if 13 month old babies are being killed.

department-of-homeland-security-277-177It is really amazing what our federal government will tolerate from their employees. At the IRS, Lois Lerner is currently enjoying a paid leave of absence from her position as Director of Exempt Organizations. Of course, Lerner is under fire for her mishandling of the non-profit applications of Tea Party organizations and her notorious decision to take the 5th amendment instead of testifying truthfully before Congress.

At the State Department, Secretary John Kerry just reinstated four employees who were placed on administrative leave in the aftermath of the terror attack in Benghazi. So, no one has been held responsible for the lack of security and the nonexistent response to the storming of our Libyan consulate that led to the death of four Americans.

It seems that it is almost impossible to be fired by the federal government. An employee can be utterly incompetent, politically biased and even an avowed racist and still collect a paycheck. This week it was revealed that a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee, Ayo Kimathi, who works as a small business specialist with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), operates a website dedicated to the mass killing of white people.

For good measure, Kimathi also expresses his antipathy for gays and “Uncle Tom” African American leaders like President Barack Obama, and Rev. Al Sharpton.

On the site, known as “War on the Horizon,” Kimathi uses the online name of “the Irritated Genie.” He states that “once we have largely purged our Race of its Race traitors, war with our natural enemy, the white Race, will intensify and become the single most powerful motivating force in the lives of Afrikan people worldwide.”

He warns that there will be an “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” To survive, he believes that Blacks will “have to kill a lot of whites.”

His former supervisor said Kimathi was “filled with hate.” She is “astonished” that he is still on the government’s payroll. Millions of Americans undoubtedly agree with the amazed supervisor.

It is also outrageous that Kimathi is an acquisition officer who buys items like handcuffs, ammunition and guns. It seems obvious that anyone advocating killing whites should not receive federal funds for items that can be used to imprison, harm or murder innocent people.

Amazingly, Kimathi’s site, that advocates a race war and the mass extermination of white people, was approved by Kimathi’s superiors at the Department of Homeland Security. This is clearly an example of a racial double standard for a DHS employee who works on the side as a KKK member operating a racist website dedicated to violence against African Americans would not be allowed to continue to work for the department.

What is especially ironic is that the DHS is supposedly in place to protect Americans against domestic terror threats. Yet, in its own midst, Kimathi is preaching racial warfare and the killing of White Americans. If the DHS cannot undercover a threat in its department how can they uncover threats to our country?

Obviously, DHS is either not serious about their mission, utterly incompetent or so politically correct that they cannot take action against a racist African American employee.

According to Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman for ICE, the agency does not “condone any type of hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind against anyone.” Since Kimathi is still on the department’s payroll and no action has been taken against him, it is clear that Ms. Christensen’s comments are as meaningless as a President Obama campaign promise.

Kimathi is a domestic terror threat. He should not be employed by the Department of Homeland Security; he should be investigated.

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Tears of a racist rodeo clown

It is sad day in America when a rodeo clown can no longer perform at a state fair. We are now living in a country that is suffocating from the deadly grip of political correctness.

Last week, a video of the Missouri State Fair surfaced on You Tube. It showed a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask, having fun. The announcer asked the crowed if they wanted to see the President “run down by a bull.” This is not racism; this is typical of the harmless entertainment provided by rodeo clowns.

Of course, the professional agitators in the NAACP and the liberal media did not see the antics as harmless, they complained and yelled racism. In fact, the complaints were so intense the clown was banned for life in Missouri. In addition, the rodeo association President and announcer resigned from their positions.  To add insult to injury, in the future, all rodeo clowns must undergo sensitivity training. Will Missouri hire Reverend Al Sharpton, the king of racial grievance, to teach Obama mask sensitivity? Ironically, Barack Obama once donned a mask of his likeness for an episode of Saturday Night Live. No one called for the President to submit to sensitivity training.

Truly, this whole story is ridiculous. It is quite said that comedians or clowns are not allowed to make jokes about President Obama or have fun at his expense.  Because the President is half Black, it seems his defenders believe he is off limits to all comedy. For the past five years, late night comedians have been very reluctant to lampoon Obama; yet, many of these same comedians had a field day with Republican Presidents such as Reagan, G. H. W. Bush and G. W. Bush.

Republican Presidents were also the target of rodeo clowns. For example, in 1994, at a Pennsylvania rodeo, a George H. W. Bush dummy was torn to shreds by a rampaging bull. In response, there was no outcry from the media or from the race hustlers in the NAACP.

In this case, the NAACP has called for the Secret Service and the Justice Department to investigate the clown for his antics. If the Secret Service has nothing better to do than investigate a clown, our country is in serious trouble.

At least one politician is not cowering in fear of the NAACP. U.S. Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) invited the clown to perform in Texas. He called the NAACP demands “silly” and recommended that the Justice Department and Secret Service ignore the calls for an investigation. As Stockman noted, “We can’t get the Justice Department to look at Benghazi, so it would be ironic that the Justice Department would investigate a clown.”

All Americans should remember we have a First Amendment right of free speech. This amendment protects all sorts of speech, even comedy. Thankfully, the United States of America is a constitutional republic, not a monarchy or a dictatorship. Our Presidents are public servants and work for us. If we want to make fun of them, it is not an act of racism; it is our right as an American.

By the way, political parodies are as old as our country. Our first President, George Washington, was mocked by the satirists of his era.

Barack Obama should not be given any special treatment because he is an African American. He should be treated like every other President, no better or worse. He should receive praise from his supporters, and criticism and ridicule from his opponents. It is a tradition as old as our republic and it should not be sacrificed just because some liberals are upset with the innocuous antics of a rodeo clown.

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P.C. Army treats Fort Hood terrorist with kid gloves

Major Nadal Hasan is a cold blooded terrorist. In the name of radical Islam, he killed 13 soldiers and wounded dozens of others on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas.

This attack should have been met with swift justice. Hasan should have been tried, convicted and executed in short order. Instead, we have the spectacle of his trial, finally beginning today, after a four year delay.

Hasan has been allowed to make a mockery of our system of military justice. The initial judge was removed by an appeals court. At first, Hasan was ordered to shave his beard in accordance with military regulations. Then, after he refused and complained that shaving his beard would violate his Muslim faith, Hasan was allowed to keep the beard. To make matters even more bizarre, Hasan fired his team of attorneys and will now be allowed to represent himself. Thus, this Islamic terrorist, acting as his own attorney, will be allowed to cross-examine victims who are still recovering from his brutal attack.

In the months before the attack, Hasan was in regular contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islam cleric, who was killed in Yemen in 2011 by a U.S. drone strike. In fact, Hasan now admits that “the evidence presented in this trial will only show one side, that I was on the wrong side, and then I switched sides. We the Mujahideen are imperfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion in the land of the supreme god.”

Since Hasan was a disciple of a radical cleric and is a self proclaimed member of the “Mujahideen,” it is quite obvious that the killing was a domestic terror attack. Hasan yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he began to shoot his fellow soldiers and try to kill as many people as possible. Incredibly, the Obama administration has refused to properly label this incident. They claim the carnage was the result of “workplace violence,” and not terrorism.

By failing to admit the truth about this attack, the Obama administration is delivering another blow to the dozens of Hasan’s victims, who will not receive the same benefits as our soldiers wounded in battle. Wounded veterans are eligible for Purple Hearts, long term medical benefits and preferential hiring procedures. Sadly, the Fort Hood victims will be denied all of these benefits. It is an outrage that the unfortunate victims of Hasan’s Fort Hood attack are being treated like second class citizens.

The administration has long wanted to present the fiction that the war on terror was going well. It wanted to present the narrative that the terrorists were “on the run.” Well, it is obvious that this story is “phony,” unlike the real scandals that the President does not want to address. In recent weeks, we have suffered a terrorist bombing in Boston, massive jail breaks throughout the Muslim world and a targeted threat that has forced the closure of dozens of our embassies.

As we wait for overdue justice, Major Hasan is still a member of our armed services and is still collecting a paycheck. In the four years since the attack, Hasan has received $330,00 in salary. Of course this is blood money that should have been stopped immediately after the attack.

Four years after attacking his fellow soldiers, Hasan is not only still alive, but is also getting paid and utilizing a military justice system for his own advantage.

It is inconceivable that the army of Patton, Marshall or Eisenhower would have allowed this type of nonsense to linger for four years. Today, political correctness is alive and well in our armed services. From limiting the rights of Christians to allowing gay marriage in military chapels to coddling Muslim terrorists, today’s army is in big trouble and is a military service that our greatest generation would no longer recognize.

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The economy from hell

obama-economy-down-400×225A new jobs report was released on Friday and it exposed a very weak economy. Only 162,000 new jobs were added last month, less than predictions and much less than the average monthly gain of 202,000 jobs from the first half of 2013. To make matters worse, the new report also revised downward the minimal job gains from the previous two months, meaning that 26,000 fewer jobs were created than initially reported in May and June.

The weak labor report means that the Federal Reserve will continue their quantitative easing program, in which they pour $85 billion a month into bond purchases in an effort to sustain growth. Simply, the economy is not strong enough to survive without the infusion of cash from the Federal Reserve.

The weakness of the economy is clearly shown in these job numbers. Of all of the jobs created this year, an amazing 77% have been part-time. It is no wonder that a recent AP survey showed that 80% of Americans are either in poverty or close to poverty. In fact, a June survey showed that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and 27% of Americans have no savings at all. In the majority of the country, millions of Americans are suffering, being unable to secure adequate wages and being forced to accept government assistance. Thus, it is no surprise that 47.7 million Americans receive food stamps to cover the costs of feeding their families. At the beginning of the Obama administration, only 31.9 million Americans received food stamps, so this program has experienced a massive 50% increase in just a few years.

In this toxic environment, a new healthcare plan will be implemented which will lead to not only anxiety and uncertainty, but also increased health insurance premiums. In addition, basic expenses like gasoline prices have increased steadily in recent months, while wages have not kept pace. Last month, average hourly wages fell .1% to $23.98, while the average work week dropped to 34.4 hours, nowhere near the former standard of a 40 hour work week.

The media likes to parrot the Obama administration’s bogus claim of an economic recovery. They cite an improving stock market and a declining unemployment rate, but beneath the numbers, the real picture is another matter altogether.

In reality, the most Americans are in no position to enjoy the benefits of an improving stock market. While average Americans are unaffected, a booming Wall Street certainly helps the very rich, who have done well during the Obama years. According to a new University of California study, the wealthiest Americans in the top 1% enjoyed robust income growth of 11.2% in the first three years of President Obama’s term. In contrast, the bottom 99% of Americans suffered an income decline of .4%.

With incomes declining in real terms, millions of Americans are in no position to invest, save or purchase big ticket items, they are just trying to survive in this Obama economy.

The media touted that the July labor report showed an unemployment rate decline to 7.4%, the lowest since 2008. However, that figure is practically meaningless with the surge of part-time workers throughout the nation and the millions of Americans who have exited the workforce altogether. In July, another 37,000 Americans left the workforce as the labor force participation rate fell to an anemic 63.4%.

Overall, the economy is still in big trouble, Americans are hurting and nothing is on the horizon to help the situation. Instead, Americans can expect more economic misery when the health care law takes effect and medical costs start increasing even more.

In the guise of helping Americans, our government is just making matters much worse.

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Freedom is not dangerous, Governor Christie

At a Republican Governor’s forum in Aspen, Colorado, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted Libertarians as “very dangerous.” The Governor noted his troubles with the spread of libertarianism in both political parties, specifically targeting U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Christie is on his way to winning re-election as Governor of New Jersey and is obviously preparing a campaign for President in 2016. One of his challengers for the nomination will likely be Senator Paul.

Christie represents the failed, big government Republican philosophy represented by the last two GOP presidential nominees, U.S. Senator John McCain and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

RINO (Republicans in Name Only) politicians like Christie approve of more government spending, but just a little less than the Democrats. True conservatives like Senator Paul want to actually reduce the size and scope of the government. While Christie is a big supporter of NSA surveillance of innocent Americans, Senator Paul wants to limit this type of oppressive government monitoring that has been expanding in recent years.

Not only does Christie believe that the government needs to collect data from innocent Americans to keep the country safe, but he is a strong supporter of all of Obama’s counter terrorism policies. According to Christie, “President Obama has done nothing to change the policies of the Bush administration in the war on terrorism. And I mean practically nothing. And you know why? Cause they work.”

The policies that Christie loves include the TSA groping travelers at airports and the NSA illegally spying on millions of innocent Americans. In addition, he endorses the expansion of the Department of Homeland Security, which was supposedly created to coordinate the government’s domestic counter terrorism operations, but, in actuality, is nothing more than a massive new government bureaucracy that represents another way to grow government and infringe on the freedoms of Americans.

Governor Christie obviously does not care that our privacy is under constant assault from the government, all in the name of fighting terrorism. Senator Paul understands that a surveillance state is very dangerous, very Orwellian. It is not consistent with our U.S. Constitution, nor is it consistent with the values of everyday Americans. According to Senator Paul, “Christie worries about the dangers of freedom. I worry about the danger of losing that freedom. Spying without warrants is unconstitutional.”

If the Republicans would offer a presidential nominee with a true conservative viewpoint, the party would win the presidency again. In 2016, it will be vital for the GOP to nominate a candidate that is a stark contrast to the likely Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, Christie is very cozy with liberals like Obama and Clinton and is like so many other unprincipled Republican leaders who strive to do business with the Democrats. The New Jersey Governor agrees with the Democrats on too many vital issues and in the last election, provided President Obama with a big boost. He lavished inappropriate praise on President Obama for his handling of Hurricane Sandy. In contrast, Rand Paul is not afraid to aggressively oppose Democrats. For example, during the Benghazi hearings, he plainly told Hillary Clinton that she should have been relived of her command as Secretary of State for her “dereliction” of duty during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack at our consulate in Libya.

Our country needs to make a drastic change from the dangerous policies of the past. The RINO GOP establishment and the Democrats have destroyed our economy and shredded the U.S. Constitution in the process.

The real danger is not the philosophy being espoused by Senator Paul and other true conservatives, it is the toxic, politics as usual, philosophy aptly represented by the liberals favorite Republican, Chris Christie.

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Our U.S. Department of Political Justice

george-zimmerman-trayvon-martin-277×177In the aftermath of the controversial acquittal of George Zimmerman, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that his department would launch an investigation into whether Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated. According to an announcement from the Department of Justice, “Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial.”

To charge Zimmerman again would be a travesty. The death of Trayvon Martin was tragic, but it was clearly self-defense that should have never been brought to court. Initially, the Sanford police refused to charge Zimmerman because the facts did not support second-degree murder or any other offense. In fact, the police officers believed Zimmerman’s story and said the evidence corroborated his account of the events that night.

Political pressure led to Zimmerman’s arrest and trial and that would be the only possible reason why he would face federal charges. It would be another brazen political move by Holder. This is the type of nonsense we should expect from an Attorney General who actually attended a conference sponsored by notorious race baiter Rev. Al Sharpton, the man who has a history of poisoning race relations.

Holder’s Justice Department has a curious history of protecting civil rights. His department refused to prosecute weapon wielding New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in the 2008 presidential election, even though there was compelling video evidence from a Philadelphia precinct.

After the death of Trayvon Martin, a Florida group of Black Panthers issued a bounty for Zimmerman “dead or alive.” Of course, nothing was done to stop the threats against Zimmerman.

While the Department of Justice is investigating Zimmerman, they may want to refer to FBI interviews conducted in the aftermath of the incident. Of the dozens of people contacted by the FBI, none of the individuals who knew Zimmerman believed he was a racist or motivated by racial hatred of Trayvon Martin.

This so-called investigation is pure political theater to placate civil rights activists. This is why Holder expressed his disappointment in the verdict in a speech to the NAACP. It fits in with the agenda of a department that is a place for political activism, not justice.

Only a politicized Justice Department would pay for activists to travel to police headquarters in Sanford, Florida to demand the ouster of the Police Chief. The gambit worked and the Police Chief had to resign, thanks to the Justice Department.

A true Department of Justice would be investigating the reports of violence against white people in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. These are some real cases of hate crimes, in which people are being targeted as payback for Trayvon’s death. Of course, all of these incidents will be ignored, like the activities of the New Black Panthers.

A real Department of Justice would investigate why the second-degree murder charges against Zimmerman were manufactured in the first place. The actions of the grandstanding State Attorney Angela Corey have been so questionable and unethical that even a liberal activist like Alan Dershowitz believes she should be investigated. Of course the Holder Justice Department will never launch such an investigation.

A real Department of Justice would investigate the comments of crazed haters on Twitter who are menacing George Zimmerman and his family with so many death threats that they are in hiding. Instead, we should expect Zimmerman to receive no protection or support from the Department of Justice, only additional investigation and harassment.

This case illustrates the real America of 2013 and it is a very scary place.

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Media inciting race riots in America

According to FBI statistics, approximately 9,000 African Americans are killed in this country annually. This carnage is basically ignored by the news media, which treats the vast majority of these cases as non-stories. This major tragedy is consistently overlooked by a media that often highlights the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. While all of these deaths are tragic, it is much more dangerous for African Americans on the streets of our country than it is for our soldiers fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

To add some perspective to the numbers, about 6,588 Americans have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, but 108,000 African Americans have been killed on the streets of America. Thus, the death toll for black citizens in the U.S. is almost 17 times greater than it has been for our soldiers fighting overseas.

This African American death rate is shockingly high and should be analyzed by the media. Unfortunately, most of our journalists are not fair and balanced. Sadly, too many in the media today are looking for sensational stories and one sure fire method of creating controversy and attention is to stoke fears of racial injustice.

george-zimmerman-trayvon-martin-277×177Enter George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, who shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in February of last year. The media has focused on this one incident, even though approximately 12,000 African Americans have been killed throughout the country in this same time period. The other cases were mostly disregarded because they involved “black on black” crime. FBI statistics show that approximately 93% of African American homicide victims are killed by other African Americans. Such crimes are not juicy or interesting to a media that wants to promote racial division and cause strife in this country.

Clearly, the media focused on the Trayvon Martin case because of the race factor. Trayvon Martin was black and George Zimmerman is Hispanic, although, initially, the media erroneously referred to the neighborhood watch volunteer as “white.”  After civil rights leaders and politicians joined the fray, it was no surprise that Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder.

Zimmerman became the poster child for racism, even though his best friend is an African American. The media depicted Martin as a very young child and presented inaccurate pictures to viewers. Martin was not a young child targeted by a “racist” Zimmerman. In fact, he was a tall, muscular young man who had a questionable past and multiple brushes with the law, but all of this was hidden from Americans.

If Zimmerman was a black neighborhood watch volunteer or Martin had been a white or Hispanic youngster, this story would have been ignored by a media that has no interest in the vast majority of the 9,000 African American murders each year.

As a sensational trial moves forward, the country will learn whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not. We may also learn whether Martin was an innocent youngster trying to get to his father’s house or a troubled young man looking for a fight.

Ideally, there should be a calm reaction across the country to whatever verdict is reached. Instead, there are concerns that civil unrest will lead to rioting if Zimmerman is acquitted. Hopefully, these threats will not influence a jury that is only supposed to consider the facts presented in the case.

Regardless of the decision, it is appalling that so much is at stake in this trial.  If there are riots, much of the blame should rest with the news media which created such racial unease with their coverage of this case.

Let’s hope and pray that sanity prevails both in the courtroom and throughout the nation.