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Obama’s handshake from hell

This week at memorial services for former South African President Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama greeted a number of world leaders, including the communist dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro. The President warmly shook hands with Castro, slightly bowing during the visit to engage in pleasantries.

Instead of greeting Castro with an outstretched hand, Obama should have scolded Castro and demanded that the dictator end his support for terrorism abroad and repression at home.

Cuba today is trapped in a time warp, forever stuck in 1959, the year of the communist revolution. Cubans still drive antique cars, live in antiquated conditions and deal with immense poverty.

Communism is the antithesis of freedom, so Cubans are not allowed to exercise God given rights of speech, press, assembly, petition or religious expression. While there have been some modest reforms, the overall condition of the average Cuban is still very poor today.

Raul Castro and his brother, Fidel, have ruled Cuba with an iron fist since the communist revolution over five decades ago. To instill fear among Cubans, dissidents have been executed at home, others have been sent to slave camps, while terrorists abroad have been supported.

It is no surprise that the socialist country of Venezuela is closely tied to the Castro government. Cuba also enjoys good relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a virulent enemy of the United States of America.

Obama’s handshake is only the second time in over 50 years that an American President has greeted a Cuban leader. The last time was in 2000 and President Bill Clinton had the good sense to shake hands with Fidel Castro in private. In contrast, Obama engaged in his reckless diplomacy in front of a worldwide audience.

This handshake from hell enraged Cuban Americans unwilling to return to their homeland and live under communism. It is another reason Cuban Americans are angry at a President who has lifted travel restrictions to Cuba. They know that the dictatorship and its cronies will be the ones on the island to benefit from the influx of 500,000 Americans each year.

Currently, there is a longstanding U.S. embargo against Cuba, and we have no diplomatic relations with the terror supporting country.  Nevertheless, the President has not only allowed easier travel to Cuba, he has also opened up more cultural, educational and religious ties.

While Cuban Americans expressed their frustration with President Obama, the media erupted in celebration, saying the handshake represented a unifying moment in the aftermath of Mandela’s death. For example, John King of CNN was very supportive, gushing that the greeting signified that “the president was showing respect for the moment.”

Not surprisingly, King missed the irony of his statement. The “moment” was supposed to be about praising a man considered to be a “liberator;” however, the President used the occasion to reward an oppressor.  Despite the enhanced ties, Cuba has not abandoned their support of anti-American regimes and terrorist organizations. According to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), “the Castro regime sponsors terrorism abroad.” He also believes the country has “close ties to terrorist organizations” and terrorizes its “own people.”

The leader of a terrorist state does not deserve a presidential greeting; he should be facing a trial at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Our country should not lift sanctions against Cuba. Instead, we should be working to support dissidents who want to bring about the end of repression in the country.

The United States should stand for human rights and freedom and oppose communist dictatorships, like the Castro regime in Cuba. When President Obama greeted Castro on an international stage, it sent a message to people across the globe. Sadly, it was the wrong message.

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Pope Francis, meet Nicholas Maduro

In just a few months, Pope Francis has made quite an impact on the Catholic Church. He has shown admirable qualities of compassion and humility and offered stern warnings for Church leaders to focus on their true mission, instead of the trappings of their position.

At the same time, he has won the praise of the liberal media and leftist politicians like President Obama. They were certainly overjoyed when the Pope cautioned his flock from being “obsessed” with issues such as abortion and gay marriage. He also expressed concern about Catholics who attend Latin mass noting that following the traditional services could risk “ideologization” and “exploitation.”

While somewhat disturbing, these comments pale in comparison to his recent denunciation of capitalism. Last week, Pope Francis released his first encyclical, which labeled “trickle down economics” a major failure that “expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.”  In the Pope’s view, the poor have been left out by rich capitalists and that a more equitable system focusing on economic justice is necessary to combat poverty.

The document served as a shocking attack on the most successful economic system ever devised, capitalism. Only liberals like Pope Francis equate capitalism with the loaded term “trickle down economics.” For all its faults, capitalism and “trickle down economics” is a much better model for prosperity for all citizens. It worked during the 1980’s in this country and led to the creation of over 20 million new jobs. It also worked in other countries throughout the world, such as Chile.

The best way to help a poor person is to give that individual a job, not a government program. Capitalism lifts people out of poverty, while socialism distributes crumbs of assistance to the poor, dooming people to an existence of misery.

The Pope said that the “idolatry of money” would lead to a “new tyranny.” Yet, this system has created an untold number of rich philanthropists who have generously contributed to Catholic causes and helped the Vatican maintain a worldwide network of activities.

It seems that Pope Francis prefers socialism or Marxism, two systems which have continued to fail miserably throughout the world. In fact, the Argentine Pope only has to look at what is happening to the north of his native country. In Venezuela, a socialist dictator, Nicholas Maduro, has maintained the failed policies of the late Hugo Chavez. The result has been a total disaster for the poor people of Venezuela.

It is so bad in Venezuela, that there is a shortage of basic items such as toilet paper, newspapers and magazines. To address the continuing economic problems, Maduro spoke to the nation Monday night. However, in the middle of his speech, a power outage disabled 60% of the country.

How ironic and appropriate that the outage occurred as the President was issuing more decrees against the country’s diminishing private sector. It was similar to a major power outage that occurred in early September. Instead of taking responsibility for these embarrassments, Maduro hinted it was caused by some sort of sabotage by his political opponents.

In reality, the socialist government of Venezuela is always looking to shift blame for their failures, reminiscent of the current occupant of the White House. Maduro’s failed policies include a ridiculous campaign to regulate prices on items such as used and new cars. This is an attempt to limit the ability of Venezuelans to buy durable items such as vehicles as an investment hedge against the rampant 54 percent inflation rate and the plunging value of the currency.

Maduro is an enemy of the private sector and is working to reduce corporate salaries and shrink private sector profit margins. He has ordered the military to assume control of major outlets selling electronic goods. While he demands that his citizens save more and consume less, his government continues to grow.

In total, these actions limit freedom, all in the name of helping the poor. Of course, the complete opposite will occur as expanded government control will lead to more economic misfortune for the poor people of Venezuela.

It is outrageous for a country with the world’s largest crude oil reserves, estimated at 297 billion barrels, to have rampant poverty, a scarcity of basic necessities and a moribund economy.

In a country with massive rivers and hydroelectric facilities that generate power for two-thirds of the population, blackouts are becoming routine, especially since the government nationalized this sector in 2007.

For the past 15 years, socialism has been tried in Venezuela. The result has been widespread corruption and utter incompetence, along with shortages, blackouts and overall economic misery. There have been few benefits for any segment of society, the poor, the middle class or the rich.

It should be crystal clear to any objective observer that socialism, such as the Venezuelan model, does not work. Hopefully, one day, Pope Francis and other liberal Catholic leaders will get the message.

Obviously, Pope Francis has the best intentions, to help the poor and the powerless. Sadly, his recipe for success will only lead to more poverty, unemployment and hunger. For evidence, the Pontiff just needs to look at the disaster unfolding in Venezuela today.

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MSNBC: How low can they go?


MSNBC, the network of far left lunatics has taken their extreme hatred to a new level. Last week, host Martin Bashir called former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a “world class idiot” and a “resident dunce.” For good measure, he claimed she possessed a “long deceased mind.”

What provoked Bashir? In a recent speech, Palin said that “Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children, and borrowing from China. When that note comes due and this isn’t racist, so try it. Try it anyway. This isn’t racist. But it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due.”

While this view may be controversial and even misguided, it did not merit such a malicious response from Bashir. Sadly, the host did not stop with nasty insults; he then related to his viewers the story of a long deceased slave master who committed horrible acts of brutality, including defecating on those he kept in bondage.

At that point, Bashir incredibly wished Palin would suffer such barbaric treatment. He read aloud a curse word for excrement and said that Palin “qualified” for a “dose” of such “discipline.” In effect, he wished that Palin would be kept in bondage and that an inhuman slave master would defecate on her.

Immediately after calling for the torture and mistreatment of Sarah Palin, this broadcaster should have been fired by his network bosses. Unfortunately, nothing happened to Bashir because he works for MSNBC, the same network that gives a prominent daily platform to Reverend Al Sharpton, who perpetrated the Tawana Brawley hoax.

Clearly there is a problem with MSNBC’s programming. This is the same network that was shamed into suspending the host of a weekly program, actor Alec Baldwin, for uttering anti-gay slurs. This is the same network that had to suspend Keith Olbermann for donating to Democrat candidates and suspended Ed Schultz for calling talk show host Laura Ingraham “a right-wing slut.”

Since MSNBC allows Bashir to remain on the air, it reflects poorly on the entire network. The decision reveals the type of liberal hate that permeates their management and on-air staff. If a similar comment had been made on CNN or Fox, the anchor would have been immediately fired. Evidently, MSNBC has much lower standards than its competition and must have to scrape the bottom of the broadcast barrel to find enough liberal blowhards to fill their schedule.

This episode also exposes the double standard about treatment toward conservatives, especially Sarah Palin. No one would dare make a similar comment about Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama or any prominent female leftist. In contrast, renowned members of the media savage Palin on a regular basis. If she is so extreme and such a disgrace, why does she engender so much hate? Undoubtedly, liberals are scared by her conservative message and her ability to effectively communicate. As a result, they demonize her and through their hate speech figuratively “defecate” on her.  It is time for this obscene mistreatment to end.

NBC News operates MSNBC and must condone the hard left programming, but it is surprising that it allows hate speech to permeate their airwaves. Until MSNBC changes direction, let’s hope viewers and advertisers continue to abandon the network.

It is time to elevate the political discourse in our nation. We should encourage networks to allow a variety of views on their airwaves including a spirited debate on the important issues that impact our country. However, in the process, Americans should demand that all broadcasters show basic human decency toward each other and those in political leadership, even conservatives like Sarah Palin.  As of today, on these important criteria, MSNBC is failing miserably.

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Oprah plays Obama race card

As President Obama stumbles and fumbles his way through his second term, his mistakes are impossible to overlook. From his handling of the turmoil in the Middle East to his failed economic policies to the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, it has been a year of train wrecks for the President.

Opponents of President Obama have plenty of ammunition to use as they criticize his second term agenda. Almost all of these critics have focused their attention on Obama’s policies, not his race. Despite the facts, the President’s defenders continually use the race card to invalidate criticism from his opponents.

The latest example of this tactic comes from liberal media icon Oprah Winfrey. She is among a horde of celebrities who have defended President Obama against “racists.”

Currently, Oprah is on a worldwide tour to promote her movie, “The Butler.” During a recent BBC interview, Winfrey blasted U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) who called the President a “liar.” She also said that “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American.”

(Quote begins at 3:18)

Obviously, these comments are pure hogwash. Regarding Obama, race is often at the forefront of the discussion, usually from his supporters, not his adversaries. His fans are always claiming that he is the victim of racism, when the evidence shows just the contrary. The President has received preferential treatment from the media because of his race and liberal policies.

It is hard to dispute that recent Republican presidents have been subjected to immense ridicule from liberal activists, reporters and the Hollywood left. For example, the effigy of Ronald Reagan was regularly burned by left wing crazies. Liberals subjected George W. Bush to unrelenting criticism and regularly referred to him as a fool and an idiot. There was even a movie about the assassination of George W. Bush.

In the case of Obama, he is continually defended by Hollywood stars who claim he is some sort of a victim. In reality, he has been given the type of positive media treatment that Reagan and Bush never received.

There is no question that President Obama has received an abundance of criticism, but it is based on his disastrous policies, not his skin color.

It is very disingenuous for Obama lovers to attempt to invalidate his critics by labeling them “racists.” This is pure demagoguery as polls consistently show that Americans are upset with President Obama not because of his race but because of his poor performance in office.

Based on new poll data the President’s approval rating hovers between 37-41%. This negative rating is the worst of his presidency and is due to the nightmarish launch of Obamacare, his signature program. In his news conference yesterday, the President even admitted that he “fumbled” the rollout of Obamacare. Clearly, he did not fumble because of racism in the country; it was due to his administration’s utter incompetence, and the waste, fraud and abuse that characterize Obamacare and every government program.

Of course, it is the right of every American to be upset when their leaders lie or misuse tax dollars. If this type of disaster had occurred in the previous administration, the media would be in an uproar. Today, Obama is getting kid glove treatment from the media that exposes true racism which is unfair to the President and all African Americans. Obama should be held to the same standard as every other President, treated no better or worse.

Oprah is living in a dream world if she believes that Obama is a victim of racism. If anything, he has not been harmed by his race; instead, he has benefited big time.

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Americans deserve a real Obama apology tour

Obama further alters ‘you can keep your plan’ pledge

President Barack Obama talks about the Affordable Care Act in an address to Organizing for Action on Monday, November 4, 2013.

President Obama began his first term in office with a worldwide apology tour. In a visit to Strasbourg, France, the President claimed that the United States of America had shown “arrogance, been dismissive, even derisive” in dealing with Europe. In a speech to the Turkish Parliament, Obama said, “The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history.” At the Summit of the Americas, the President remarked that his country has “at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms.”

This apology tour was unprecedented as no other President had been so critical of his country on foreign soil. It was an odd way for President Obama to begin his term as he upset millions of Americans who see this nation not as arrogant, but as a beacon of hope and freedom for the oppressed around the world.

While the President is obviously comfortable issuing questionable apologies in foreign countries, he has been reluctant to express contrition to the American people, who actually are the only ones deserving of an apology.

The President should have apologized for the lies about “shovel ready” stimulus jobs, the gun running Fast and Furious operation, the Solyndra scandal, and the Benghazi terror attack cover-up. Not surprisingly, this arrogant President never expressed remorse for these mistakes, always blaming others. However, in the case of Obamacare, it is impossible for President Obama to hide.

There are at least 29 different occasions, in speeches and interviews, in which President Obama made false promises about his cherished healthcare program, Obamacare.

These are documented cases in which the President claimed that people would be able to keep their doctors and their health insurance. He also promised Americans that Obamacare would not include tax increases and that insurance premiums would decrease in cost, all lies.

In the wake of the passage of Obamacare, millions of Americans have not seen relief. Instead, they have lost their health insurance and faced mounting frustrations dealing with an Obamacare website that does not work.

It has been a brewing political nightmare for President Obama, leading to falling poll numbers. In the latest Gallup poll, the President has a mere 39% approval rating, the lowest of his presidency. It is even lower than George W. Bush’s rating at this time in his presidency.

It became too much of a problem for the President to ignore, so he had to face the music this week and actually apologize for his lies. In a NBC interview this week, President Obama said, “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

It was a half hearted apology at best, a case of offering too little, too late. At this point, millions of Americans have already received their insurance cancellation notices. Obama’s apology is little solace to Americans worried about how they can afford skyrocketing insurance costs, driven higher because of Obamacare.

If the President had any decency, he would start a nationwide apology tour, visiting every corner of the country to express his sorrow for the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website and the numerous lies about his program. It would be the least he can do in light of the pain and suffering he has caused for millions of Americans.

Sadly, we will never witness genuine remorse from President Obama, only phony apologies in TV interviews. President Obama will not offer authentic apologies, as he will never deviate from his liberal agenda, despite the political pressure.

For the President, Obamacare must be protected at all costs, so an apology tour will never occur, at least not one on American soil.

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Free scholarships invite “green wave” of corruption

It is time to end the antiquated and troubling Tulane legislative scholarship program. Each year, every one of our 144 Louisiana legislators is allowed to distribute a Tulane scholarship worth $43,150. This program invites corruption and contributes to the poor image of our state.

With our legacy of political shenanigans, the last thing we need is to give legislators such a lucrative perk to award to children of contributors, friends, or other politicians.

Congratulations to State Senator Dan Claitor (R-Baton Rouge), who will propose legislation in the upcoming session to end the scholarship program.

This program has been in place since the 1880’s and was established as part of an agreement with Tulane. In exchange for the scholarships, the university received tax waivers that are now worth as much as $24 million, according to Senator Claitor.

Tulane is a private university and should pay taxes like every other private business in the state. This 130 year old agreement has deprived the state of untold millions of dollars. Claitor believes it is time to end this arrangement and for Tulane to “pay the tax that was waived.”

These funds could have been used to provide needed services to the people of the state. Obviously, the citizens are the losers in this arrangement, as well as every entity that has to pay taxes and does not wield political power like Tulane University.

According to university officials, the scholarships cost several million dollars a year, more than the tax breaks they are receiving. If this is the case, Tulane should be in favor of ending the scholarships, especially since the Mayor of New Orleans is also given five scholarships per year to distribute. Even for a university with a huge endowment like Tulane, it does add up to big money to give away 149 scholarships each year, especially with their skyrocketing tuition costs.

The program has been the source of controversy for decades. In the 1990’s the rules were tightened so that legislators were not allowed to give themselves scholarships or award them to their children; however, they are still allowed to give this lucrative gift to children of other politicians. In effect, this allows two legislators the opportunity to swap scholarships, awarding each other’s child, thereby bypassing the intent of the reforms.

In recent days, the scholarships have received increased media scrutiny. In response to requests, the legislative clerk refused to reveal to the public detailed information about the youngsters who have been receiving these tuition waivers.

This stonewalling is totally unacceptable and leads to justified skepticism from the public. What are our Louisiana legislators trying to hide?

Inquiring minds want to know whether there are more cases like State Representative Harold Ritchie (D-Bogalusa). For the last two years, he has given his Tulane scholarship to the son of St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed. Ritchie has made it a practice of rewarding politically powerful friends for before Reed’s son received the scholarship, the legislator gave a Tulane scholarship to the daughter of a Washington Parish council member.

Claitor is outraged by what is going on with the scholarships, claiming that “when you’re giving it to the DA’s kid, that doesn’t pass the smell test, and I think everyone knows what I mean by that.”

Hopefully, this issue will be urgently addressed at the next joint legislative meeting of the Education Committee. In the next session, legislators should move quickly to end this program, which has been a cesspool of corruption from the very beginning.

After 130 years of a legislative perk that reeks of cronyism, it is time to finally do something to improve the tattered, but well deserved, image of Louisiana politics.

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The last stand of the Redskins

The politically correct forces of liberalism have found a new target, the Washington Redskins. Never mind that the team nickname has an 80 year history, all knowing white liberals believe that the term Redskins is somehow offensive to Native Americans.

This belief is rooted in liberal imagination, not reality. Polls have consistently shown that 90% of Native Americans are not upset at the Redskins name. In fact, the nickname was adopted to pay homage to four Native Americans who played for the team at the time. The supposedly offensive logo was designed by a Native American as a way to honor their heritage, not show disrespect.

Today, liberals have decided that all nicknames related to Native Americans need to be removed. So, while liberals are now targeting the Washington Redskins, tomorrow they will be criticizing the Atlanta Braves or the Chicago Blackhawks. These politically correct activists have been quite successful on the collegiate level. The Stanford Indians are now the Cardinals, while the St. John’s Redmen are now the Red Storm, a ridiculous moniker.

Even our President, who should be focused on reviving our moribund economy, commented that he would consider changing the name if he were owner of the team. Of course, Barack Obama has never owned a business, and he knows very little about how to operate one, but that is another story.

The Redskins debate intensified when NBC sportscaster Bob Costas decided to use his halftime editorial during last week’s edition of Sunday Night Football to condemn the team nickname. Last December, during another Sunday Night Football broadcast, Costas made headlines when he editorialized that the suicide death of Kansas City Chiefs star Jovan Belcher was due to the proliferation of guns.

Last Sunday, the liberal Costas was on his political soapbox once again, claiming that the Redskins name is a “slur” that needs to be changed due to current sensibilities. Of course, Costas believes that only liberals determine the names that need to be changed in today’s sensitive, politically correct, environment. Ironically, Costas exposed one major problem in our society today. There is entirely too much concern about sensitivity. Too many Americans are perpetually offended and feign supposed outrage on a wide variety of issues.

What Costas started has now been picked up by other news outlets. A cartoon in the New York Daily News compared the Redskins logo to the Nazi swastika and the Confederate Flag, labeling them as “Archaic Symbols of Pride and Heritage.” The editors of the Richmond Free Press decided that the name Redskins will no longer be used in their coverage of the team. In their view, the term is “racist.” Once again, we hear from liberals what qualifies as racism, a term that is used so often that it long ago lost its meaning.

Fortunately, the Redskins team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, is not backing down. He pledges to keep a name that he considers a “badge of honor.”

If he continues to stand firm, he will be subjected to relentless pressure from liberals like Costas and President Obama. He will also face heat from the left wing media and the NFL, a politically correct organization. The league Commissioner, Roger Goddell, already has started to lobby Snyder. He commented that he knows that Snyder “wants to do the right thing.” In other words, the owner better change the name.

It is the last stand of the Redskins; will they suffer the same fate as George Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn? Hopefully, in this case, as in the famous battle, the Native Americans will prevail and the proud name will live on, not as a symbol of hate, but as a “badge of honor.”

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Conservatives need to file for divorce from the GOP

GOP-SCThe fallout from the government shutdown debacle has been devastating to the Republican Party. Poll results show the party is viewed negatively by 70% of the American people. In addition, Congress has only a 5% approval rating, the lowest in history. While Democrats control the Senate and are also unpopular, the media has focused their blame for the shutdown on the Republican Party.

As usual, the Republicans have done a poor job of defending their position. Most GOP leaders lack basic communication skills. In reality, they have a very compelling story to tell to the American people.

Throughout this process, Republicans have offered five different compromise proposals and a multitude of specific spending bills to target critical areas of the budget, all to no avail. Democrats have refused to budge from their position that Obamacare cannot be delayed.

The House Republicans initially wanted to defund Obamacare completely, but that position later morphed into a call for individuals to be given a one year exemption from the plan, the same benefit offered to businesses. This is a basically honest and fair proposal, but the congressional Republican leadership has had difficulty selling their position to the American people.

One major problem has been the criticism from within their ranks. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his moderate GOP minions have been relentless in blaming Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) and House conservatives for the government shutdown.

This criticism has taken a toll on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who is now calling for a grand deal raising the debt ceiling, funding the government and basically forgetting about fighting Obamacare. Their current proposal is to offer only the elimination of the medical device tax. If this compromise actually happens, then the two week battle over Obamacare has been all for naught.

If Boehner caves, it will give conservatives one more reason to hate the Republican Party leadership.

At least this debate has reminded everyone that the Republican Party is hopelessly controlled by the moderate, establishment wing that has pushed losing presidential nominees like Bob Dole, McCain and Mitt Romney.

Conservatives are clearly on the outside and need to understand that if they take bold positions, such as Senator Cruz, they will be demonized by the RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only), the Democrats and the media.

It is time for conservatives to file their divorce papers from the Republican Party. This political marriage has irreconcilable differences. 

This position will have plenty of support among Americans. A new Gallup poll shows that 60% of Americans favor the creation of a new major third party. This is the strongest sentiment for a third party that Gallup has registered in the 10 year history of the poll question. 

These Americans are rightfully hungry for a viable alternative. It is time that Americans were given a choice. Today in America, the liberals dominate the Democratic Party, the moderates dominate the Republican Party hierarchy, so conservatives and libertarians should join forces to create their own party.

It is the perfect time for a third party. Gallup found that only 26% of respondents believe that the two political parties adequately represent the American people.

Americans hate Congress so much today that 60% are in favor of replacing every one of the 535 members, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll. In this tumultuous environment, it is the perfect time for a strong, viable third party to be created.

Conservatives consider this your wake-up call, time is a wasting, the ill-fated marriage to the Republican Party has failed and there is no point in continuing the political charade. Sometimes, sadly, in politics, as in life, divorce is the best option.

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Cruz controversy highlights need for term limits

CaptureThis week the nation has witnessed the emergence of a new star on the political scene: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  He captivated millions of Americans with his amazing 21 hour filibuster against Obamacare.

While the dinosaurs in the media and the U.S. Senate raised objections to his noble crusade, the American people rejoiced that someone was finally standing up for them. Cruz believes politicians need to “listen” to their constituents. This is a foreign concept to most of the politicians in Washington D.C. The establishment Senators, both Democrat and Republican, obviously do not read poll results. For the last four years, on a consistent basis, Americans have registered their strong opposition to Obamacare.

In a new poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, Americans by a two-one margin, 45-23 percent, believe that Obamacare will have a negative impact on the country’s health care system. This week, Ted Cruz represented these frustrated Americans who are petrified about a law that will lead to higher insurance premiums, a shortage of medical care and an uncertain future for an industry that comprises 19% of our nation’s economy.

In the meantime, the old guard in the U.S. Senate was furious at Cruz. They were upset that the good old boy system of politics as usual was being challenged.

John McCain, a 26 year veteran of the Senate, and Mitch McConnell, a 28 year veteran of the Senate, led the charge against Cruz, who was just elected last November. Their outrageous behavior was embarrassing and exposed once again why this nation desperately needs term limits on Capitol Hill.

Two senate terms and six house terms, a total of 12 years, should be enough time for any one politician to serve. Instead, Congress has some members who have been there for decades. For example, U.S. Representative John Dingell (D-MI) has served for over 57 years in the House, while U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) has served for over 40 years in the House and Senate.

The old guard in Congress is powerful, connected and very well funded. These incumbents have so much special interest support that it is almost impossible for a challenger to mount a successful campaign.

With the same faces in Washington D.C. it is impossible for our country to change. Thus, we continue to have deficit spending and politics as usual. It is no wonder why Congress is never able to solve any problems. The current cast of characters created the crisis, so they are the least equipped to solve the crisis.

It is time that voters demanded another Contract with America. The hallmark of the 1994 House Republican Contract with America was term limits. It helped sweep Republicans to power in that election. Unfortunately, Congress never listened to the people and term limits were never implemented.

After witnessing the debacle this week, Americans are once again reminded that term limits are desperately needed in Congress. It is obvious that members of Congress who remain in office for too long become unresponsive to their constituents and more interested in protecting their own power base.

With term limits, the country would witness the influx of new and talented public servants who would offer a fresh perspective on Capitol Hill.  With the old guard gone, some of our intransient problems may finally be solved.

Since the President is term limited, so should members of Congress. Our Founders never envisioned a member of Congress abusing his power for over five decades. The current system is broken and needs to be fixed.

It is time for an overdue revolution in American politics, a new Contract with America. Term limits are needed now more than ever.